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The Ancient Ones CD by Kellianna

The Ancient Ones CD by Kellianna 2012

With another CD coming out in September, Kellianna has been one very busy artist to be able to bring us this 2012 CD and then a follow up album just a year later.
As always Kellianna brings us incredible, spiritually fulfilling musical tracks.
Songs on this CD include:
1.       Thank You Mother (by Pamela Gerke 2006). This is an upbeat song thanking the Earth Goddess for all that she is and provides through the elements. This is a very well written song bringing together the elements and the Mother in a logical and yet symbolic way.
2.       The Ancient Ones (by Kellianna 2012). This is probably my favorite song on this CD. It has a very mystical quality to it with harmonies weaving around the verses. This is an easy to learn song that could easily be added to rituals, and would be particularly appropriate for Samhain.
3.       Mists of Avalon (by Shawna Carol 2002). A great song singing of spring, the maypole and Beltaine. Obviously a wonderful choice for a Beltaine celebration and dancing around the maypole.
4.       Lugh (by Jenna Greene 2007). A song that educates as it entertains, singing a stream of information about the great Celtic God Lugh. Perfect for a dance around a Lughnasadh bonfire.
5.       Wild Maiden (by Sally Pullinger 2011). This would be another great song for dancing around a bonfire, especially any ritual from Beltaine to Mabon. It has a primitive theme as the drums speed up the beat. Dance without a care to this one. Also perfect for full moons or new moons, anytime you can get together and dance in a group!
6.       Bless our Planet (by Shawna Carol 2001). Showing different traditions can coexist even in song form, this song celebrates the planet and her inhabitants, no matter what their religion is, this song reminds us we may have differences but we also have many similarities, including we are all children of this Earth.
7.       Artemis of the Hunt (by Kellianna 2012). Another great song, this one singing the praises of Artemis, while at the same time being educational. This one is also great for summertime rituals and since it refers to the crescent moon, it would be awesome to sing and drum along to at a late night drum circle under a crescent moon.
8.       Daughters of the Earth (by Kellianna 2012). With this song specifying “daughters”, and talking about dancing around a fire, you can easily see how this would be a great song for a women’s group to dance to at a bonfire. What’s really different about this song is the musical quality. Instead of the more tribal sounding music we are more used to hearing from Kellianna, this one is reminiscent psychedelic funk.  A completely different vibe comes from this song creating a sensual groove.
9.       Witch’s Reel (Scottish Traditional). What a fun song, another great song for those bonfire nights, perfect for a spiral dance.
10.   To The Summerlands (by Kellianna 2012) This touching song has no musical accompaniment, so it is just Kellianna’s voice in full glory. This song could be used for Imbolg with references connected to Brighid, it can be used for a funeral rite (particularly for a female), or it can also be used at Samhain. In fact I’m going to have to add this song to my list of songs to be played at my own funeral!
Kellianna is truly one of the greatest musical gifts to pagans who follow an earth centered tradition.  While her music can be listened to at any time, she has so many songs perfect for the sabbats, it’s about time we get her to release CDs for each of the sabbats or at the very least collections pertaining to each of the four seasons. I am looking forward to her latest album which is due out in September.

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