Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How not to piss of the fey or how not to behave in a spiriutal group

 The other day, I spent working desperately to get the fairy garden back in shape. Though we pack the statuary and wind chimes for the winter there is still a lot that stays out all year, particularly older larger logs that have had a lot of were and tear. I liked to recycle things to make interesting one of a kind pieces for the fairy garden. Not only do they make good conversation pieces, I believe the fey appreciate human attempts at creativity.  At the very least they appreciate when humans are willing to go out of their way to try to make the fey feel more at home or at least give them a pleasant environment in which to live. In some neighborhoods, the fairy garden you create, may be the only place they actually feel safe.

What I had made a few years ago was definitely one of a kind.  We had an old hot tub that the wood outer casing was falling apart. A few staples, some nails a burning tool several weeks of work, and soon I had the beginning of Puck’s closing speech from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer’s Might Dream’ – “If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended, that we have but slumbered here while these visions did appear.” All on rustic looking old signs spread throughout the garden.  I felt it to be a fitting quote to and a wonderful present to the fey. Each year I would reburn the wording as this was skill I was still quite a beginner at. Each year the rain and sun would fade the wording so I would fill it up good as new.

The at Lughnasadh last year everything changed.  As a Grove, part of our Lughnasadh festivities included several games and feats of strength including tug of war over a mud pit.  After one particularly challenge and a lack of paying attention to what he was doing, a new member to the group crashed through the fairy garden breaking a fairy and destroying flowers. This person, being a relative by marriage knew the garden was there, and if he had paid enough attention he would have understood its significance. But it appeared he had no clue what he had just done.  Too make matters worse, he then “went after” the person who had chased him into the fairy garden and tried attacking him   This ended with the “attackee” picking up the “attacker” and body slamming him onto one of the signs.  The sign was destroyed, the scratches on his body awful, and how he had avoided actually being impaled through the chest or abdomen I will never know.

Now while there were apologizes made between the two guys, my husband and I, the actual property owners were left out of that. There were no apologies, to us there were no offerings of restitution – which would have been difficult to begin with. There was a lot of laughing, but no remorse. But in the way I understand, and practice paganism, it would have at the very least been offered, and it would have been offered in a way where those who had perpetrated the damage would have worked together until it was someone how fixed.  Since this was also a set of special signs made with a very limited type of wood, it was irreplaceable. We could have done something, different.

Needless to say neither of these people are still in our grove.  This event led to complaints from just about every other grove member, which led to a policy change in the amount of alcohol allowed to be consumed and when. While many saw this as a positive step forward, the “guilty” parties saw this as a way to control them. They never see it as something they did wrong, it’s always the other people taking things to seriously and not ‘lightening up’ enough.  I’m not sure how someone can believe that part of lightening up involves destruction of property attempted murder, but hey if so they can do that at home.

We of course found out some people had left the group because of them and I always wish instead of leaving the group people would just come talk to me instead.

It astounds me that in this day and age people still act like this, particularly those who claim to be enlightened.

So at least now those people are gone, and as soon as I get a check I’ve been waiting, for I will be off to a add a few more pieces and hopefully replace some of the lost positive energy.

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