Monday, April 29, 2013

Get back to Nature - and why I love my UU

The more I attend my new Church: Tree of Life” A Universal Unitarian Congregation. The more I love it. 

Yesterday’s sermon was all about Spring is here, get outside. Spend some time in nature.  Let your spirit reconnect with nature.  Feel the difference in yourself after you have, Whether it’s yard work, playing, hiking whatever, your spirit needs to reconnect with nature to recharge.  They even passed out brochures that contained the information about all of the MCCD parts --- the very  parks that I had started scheduling hike at lat year as a part of the Witch Hat Society field trips as a way to reconnect with nature.  I will be scheduling those again starting very soon, just need to take care of a few things first, like confirm it they still have the hiker’s club.

The more time I get to spend with the UUC though, the more excited I get – People preaching to be outdoors!  Last week they had an earth day event but I was at the fundraising metaphysical faire so knew I would miss that.

It just makes me happy so find so many people wanting the same things in their life that I do.  I’ll admit, it get very difficult to not give up on other people. I hear all the time “I would if I could”, “Maybe next time” and sometimes (especially from my own family) some real lame ass excuse. Honesty is always highly more appreciated. “I can’t stand being in nature”, “I hate bugs and other critters“,  “I would rather have a root canal than spend time outside”. Are not only honest statements, if you find yourself agreeing with them, you have a lot more questioning to do about your chosen pathway as it is.

Pagans are a part of nature. It’s where we get our power. It’s how we recharge. It’s how we  connect with all living things around us.  When we can’t make those connections we become slow and sluggish. The longer we are away, the harder sometimes to get back, but the only way to get back is to get back out there and do it. 

Maybe start slow, meditate outside sitting on the ground, even on a blanket for the real squeamish.  Listen to all the different sounds you hear. Just take them in. Feel the air on your skin particularly the sunlight if you haven’t see it for a while!

Last year when I first scheduled hikes for WHS, I was asked by some people, why hikes? What does that have to do with being pagan or witch? Well if you haven’t figured it out yet ---- you still haven’t been out there long enough!

Honestly I was shocked t this question and I wonder if it has anything to do with the difference between those who associate more with neo-pagan than with actual pagan. Personally I don’t use the term “neo”. For me it feels as if we are trying to separate ourselves too much from what we really were. Though I don’t want to go off on a huge tangent here most people will say the different is because pagans sacrificed things and new pagans don’t and while we may not sacrifice our enemies to the gods in a battle, many of us make sacrifices everyday in other ways. Our battles are different – often  we have to sacrifice paying one bill for paying another. Or we do indeed sacrifice the chicken so to speak, when we pull the left overs out of the fridge and realize that with some water, celery and some seasoning, we can pull another meal out of that chicken in the form of soup, we are still sacrificing.  So yes, I still stick with the original term pagan myself, I feel sacrifices, and nature everyday around me.

When you feel run down, tired, and the LEAST likely to spend some time outside  - get back to  nature, you’re missing so much and your batteries? Well they are pretty much completely depleted.

Now I'm headed out --- meeting a friend for a walk!

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