Sunday, November 4, 2012

The popularity of Mitt Romney

I have actually figured it out.

Up until now I  have had no idea as to why anyone would actually like Mitt Romney. Between the flip flopping, the outright lies, the pressure to push his views and yes, even  his religious beliefs onto others, I can't understand how half of the voting population thinks he will be a good plan for America and her people.

Then today while running errands with my husband, as he was driving I was using my phone to check my news feed on Facebook. I came across an article regarding a woman running for reelection who truly believes that witchcraft is being taught in our grade schools. This article referenced a study that after very little research I was able to find more info about on the web.

Here is a link to an article talking all about the study:

The study showed that 68% of Republicans believe demonic possession is real.  68%. That is 2/3 of Republicans.  TWO THIRDS.

The study also showed that only 48% of Republican believe in global climate change.  Out of those 48%, ONLY 18% of those people believe that human actions have effected global climate change.

These percentages are staggering.  They also reveal something very concerning about our society.  Apparently a lot of Americans have little to no education at all and are still extremely superstitious. How long has it been since we discovered mental illness was actually mental illness and NOT demonic possession? It's been a long time, yet a large part of Americans (57% when you ask both Democrats and Republicans) still believe demonic possession is possible. Heck the Vatican still teaches priests how to perform exorcisms.

So what does this have to do with people liking Mitt Romney?

Well here it is.  While many of us feel that we are living in the year 2012, and that Mitt Romney is trying to take us back to the middle ages -- it turns out MANY AMERICANS ARE STILL ALREADY LIVING BACK THERE IN THE MIDDLE AGES!  They don't feel Mitt is taking us back, because THEY are ALREADY there.  Mitt REAFFIRMS to them that their crazy insane notions are CORRECT.

Until we can start educating Americans that the boogie man really isn't real, that a shadow is nothing but a shadow, and that they aren't going to wake up one morning to find they have spent the past year spinning their head all the way around and vomiting pea green soup until exorcised by a priest, we really aren't going to get anywhere. We won't be able to convince them our planet is in trouble, that women deserve equal rights, and that everyone is entitled to basic needs in life such as healthcare.

None of this is going to be possible until they wake up and decide to step into this century.

I sure hope it happens in my lifetime.