Monday, October 22, 2012

It's that time of year

So far we have done the corn maze, decorated for Samhain and Halloween, hunted down apple cider that didn't cost $5 a gallon.

This Friday night we have a haunted hayride, followed by popcorn, hot apple cider and a bad 80's Zombie movie.

Saturday night we will hold our Samhain ritual and celebration for The Gathering Grove. Each year we try to add something new to our festival. so this year will include the decorating of sugar skulls.

On Samhain itself, I will be meeting with another coven along with a friend of mine to join in with their Samhain celebration.

This time of year brings many mixed feelings for me.  Its a time to start winding down after all the festivities, I often become quite the homebody, and often the weather does also keep me inside a bit too.  It's also a time of remembering those who have gone on before us and this can become quite sad, and overwhelming. Some people have been lucky and experienced very little loss in their life, others have not been so lucky and have experienced tons of death. This time of year can feel like they are carrying around a bag of bricks on their back.

Unfortunately, I entered the latter group at a young age.  Though fall is my favorite time of the year, as the veils thins, I can feel the spirits of those who have passed on reaching out, for just a slight touch. I have spent so many days over the years trying to block them out, trying not to hear what they have to say. Why? It's hard to hear it.  Those few moments of connection, that are then cut again, are painful. They just plain hurt.

This year I'm going to try to do something different. I don't want to block them and lock them out any more. It's time to hear their messages, to see what they need to share. As painful as it may be, they keep talking. They have something to say. I hear them in distorted whispers now, but they are getting clearer, closer. They will be here soon enough. And it's time for me to listen.

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