Monday, October 22, 2012

Hungry? Try a Larabar

Larabar – The original fruit and nut bar

I had no idea that these bars came in so many different flavors. Made in Colorado, these bars have a taste for everyone, whether you prefer something fruity and sweet or something rich and chocolately.

Some of the flavors include chocolate chip cherry torte, peanut butter and jelly, blueberry muffin, carrot cake, apple pie, key lime pie, and tropical fruit tart. Each flavor varies in calories but average around 200 per bar making these great for breakfast, lunch or a snack.

These bars start with a date base that is added to with other fruits, nuts, and juice concentrates to create these incredible flavors, and they definitely are well flavored.  They don’t have a taste that slightly reminds you of what they are named, they are potent and full flavored and really taste like their name describes.

Larabar also has the Uber line. This line is focused more on salty nuts than the date mix, and everything is larger chunks, and still there are great flavors including: bananas foster, cherry cobbler, apple turnover, and roasted nut roll. They also contain about the same number of calories as their fruitier counterparts.

These are great to keep on hand for regular meals and snacks, but they are also a good food supply to have around in case of an emergency.  For those of us who live in states that actually know what a major winter storm is like, we know how important it is to keep easy to eat food on hand, both in our homes, and in cars. You don’t want to get stranded anywhere without a food and water supply, so if you live in a wintery state, now is the time to start packing those emergency supply bags with blankets, flashlights, batteries, food, and water. These will make a great addition and give you something that not only will give you energy, it will taste great as well.

Check out all of the flavors and try some for yourself!

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