Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eckart Tolle’s music for inner stillness CD

Eckart Tolle’s music for inner stillness CD  Sounds True

My life has been filled with so much stress lately. Family issues, deadlines, health issues, just all kinds of issues.  I’ve been searching for outlets, ways to calm my mind and help give me a bit of peace, at least enough to help me wind down enough at night to get to sleep.   Though I am generally high stress in the first place, lately my stress level has been off the charts, and my normal insomnia has been multiplied greatly. Now it’s not just physical and mental insomnia, its emotional insomnia as well.

With my sleep cycle being out of whack, I’ve needed to take several naps throughout the day.  Even with complete utter physical exhaustion, these naps haven’t been easy to actually get in. In order to nap, one must first fall asleep.

I’ve found that if I set my alarm for an hour and set the CD to play, I can manage to doze off and get in at least a little shut eye.  The music is able to soothe my soul enough to quiet my mind and get me a bit of sleep.

This CD is also a great selection for a meditation session. Each song brings something a little different to the mix. While you can break it down and use individual songs for short meditations, you can also use the entire CD for one hour long meditation allowing your mind to take turns along a meditative journey as you go.

Eckart Tolle choose each song for its affect on the mind and spirit.  These choices were well made, and the CD definitely has the desired effect.

Songs include:
  1. Karitas by Susan Lincoln
  2. Searching (Shirabe) by Riley Lee
  3. For as Long as Space Endures by Nawang Khechog
  4. A Thousand Whispers by Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman and Tim Wheater
  5. The Song of the Universal Light Part 1 by Patrick Bernard
  6. The Song of the Universal Light Part 2 by Patrick Bernard
  7. Epiphany by Manose
  8. Molecules by Alex Theory
  9. Hawk’s Circling (excerpt) by Marjorie de Muynck
  10. Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation: Musical Transcendence by Master Charles Cannon
  11. Ocean by Michael Brant DeMaria