Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: Om Shanti clothing for yoga and meditation

Om Shanti Clothing

While Pagans worldwide have known about the benefits of yoga for a very long time, the rest of the Western world is just now experiencing a surge in learning about these benefits. 

With the explosion of the popularity of yoga, comes the explosion of yoga accessories and clothing. People not only want to look good, they want to feel good, and be comfortable while delving into the spiritual and physical world of a yoga practice.

Om Shanti is a small business with a unique approach to clothing. Their clothing comes in bold, vibrant colors, and provide a clean, comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, and like most yoga clothing companies, the sizes cut off at XL (14-16) which is disappointing since the average size woman in America is a 14. 

It would be great to see companies realize that women over a size 16 also practice and enjoy yoga. 

Though not actually designed for yoga the gauze pants with rollover waist are incredibly comfortable.  They provide warmth in cooler temperatures, but are also airy enough to help keep you cool in warmer temperatures. These pants are available in an assortment of colors and can’t help but uplift your spirits.  While use for yoga is not recommended for these pants, they are perfect for meditation.  The only problem with these pants is the length does tend to run a bit long.  You may want to check measurements before ordering. These pants are priced at $50 - $58 depending on color.

The Kabuki top is also available in many bright colors, many of them new.  This shirt is priced at $49.50.  This airy, flowy top goes great with the gauze pants, in both style and usage.  Comfort is utmost with this lightweight top.  This top can be used for many basic yoga moves (moves like downward dog may give you a problem), but would also be ideal for your meditation practices.

This shirt and the gauze pants combine together to create a comfortable, yet sexy and functional look.  Be sure to check out this great little clothing company, you will likely find something you will enjoy.

Wholesale accounts are also available.

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