Friday, June 1, 2012

The Rama Meditation Chair

The Rama Meditation Chair

While researching products and ideas for a current Pagan book project, I came across the website Zen by Design.  Specifically, I was looking for meditation chairs that would offer the user complete support and comfort while practicing meditation. 

The practice of meditation is growing rapidly, in both Pagan and non-Pagan environments, and comfort is becoming a large concern – especially in the beginner population. Beginners who lie down to meditate often fall asleep.  Meditators who practice in chairs or on couches in common rooms are often interrupted.  Meditators need a seating arrangement that provides them support, comfort and the mobility to be able to move the chair to a quiet, uninterrupted space.

I had found some chairs that while interesting and mobile, comfort and support did not seem to be a part of their description at all. 

Sure a “ball chair” might look like fun, but for someone meditating, especially if they are a beginner, do you want to have to constantly worry about balancing yourself while performing your meditation, or do you want to actually be able to focus on the meditation?  While a chair woven from water hyacinth sounds great, the comfort level is severely lacking. Wicker and caned chairs simple do not last very long and are not ideal for people who are either on the heavier side, or who have a sudden temporary weight gain such as from pregnancy.

The Rama Meditation Chair from Zen by Design is a solid, sturdy, and easy to assemble, extremely comfortable chair for your meditation practices. 

This chair arrived well packaged so it did not sustain any dents or scratches. I was able to put it together in just a matter of minutes, and was astounded by how sturdy and comfortable this chair is.

You can also choose your own colors with the chair, wood colors are one choice, and then cushion color is the second choice giving you several different possible combinations to personalize this chair to your own liking.

While you are going to pay more for this chair than you would a weaved or rattan chair, it is well worth it.  This chair will easy last through many years of wear, while that simply can not be said for the other types discussed here. 

This is the ultimate chair for meditation.  It is a beautiful design, built for comfort, security, and balance.  It even makes a beautiful show piece.  When people see this unusually designed chair in your home, they are sure to ask about it, and you will have the opportunity to share your love of meditation with others.  Perhaps you can get them hooked too.  Don’t be surprised when anyone who sees it wants to sit it in!  I don’t think I’ve had someone look at it yet, and not ask if they could try it out!

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    This information is quite informative as mediation is a kind of thing which makes your life simple & effective so doing mediation on chair is i think more controllable.As chair provide as relaxation.