Friday, June 1, 2012

An Introductory Guide to Crystals

An Introductory Guide to Crystals by Llewellyn  Paradise Music. 2011.

Paradise Music is extending their product line to include mini gift books, which are both beautiful and informative.

The first in the line is An Introductory Guide to Crystals. 

This little book contains stunning photographs and covers information such as:

  • how crystals are formed
  • how to choose a crystal
  • how crystals feel
  • how to cleanse a crystal
  • how to program a crystal
  • chakras and colors
  • crystals and colors
  • pendulums and crystals
  • crystal treatment
  • meditating with crystals
  • crystal healing water
  • protection
  • music and crystals

While this book is only 43 pages long, it is packed with useful information and will definitely give you a starting point to find where your interests lie.

This book also comes with a code that allows you to download an album for free from the Paradise Music website! You get a great book, and a free album besides! 

I am looking forward to Paradise Music adding to this new line.


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