Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: Sacred Chants One by Orenda Blu

Sacred Chants One by Orenda Blu. ( Paradise Music

I love chants. I love adding them to rituals, to meditations, and even to help unpleasant chores go more quickly. Sometimes I even chant in the shower just to get my day started off on a positive, energized foot.

I was looking forward to this CD hoping it would be one I could easily pick up the chants to add to my own “repertoire”.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the chanting I expected it to be.

Fortunately, I really liked it anyway.

While I don’t know how easy it will be for me to pick up these chants to practice myself, (actual English is much easier for me!) this is a beautiful CD to listen to, and possibly chant along with.

Orenda Blu has a beautiful, honest and true voice; that is able to turn these Sanskrit mantras into a relaxing, musical and spiritual experience.

The small CD insert does contain the words to the mantras, though no type of translations are provided.

I had hoped for slightly more contemporary chants, and as I stated before, in English, as I think for many people it is easier for them to make a deeper spiritual connection if they are able to understand what they are chanting on a more comprehensive level. Yes there are many Pagans out there who will understand these mantras for what they are, yet I have to believe there are more who would be able to connect deeply to something more modern, especially for those who do not work with any eastern philosophies.

This CD is wonderful the way it is though, my own expectations did get in the way a bit, and I had to set those aside to really hear what was in front of me. 

Obviously, this is a great CD for meditation.  If you do want to chant along while meditating however, I suggest taking some time to familiarize yourself with the words and pronunciations, along with the patterns in which the chanting flows.

It would also be another great CD to use with your yoga practices, and could possibly be used in some types of rituals. It is also a great CD to just chill and relax to.

The tracks on this CD include:
  1. Jay Ambe
  2. Govinda Jai
  3. Om Namo Narayana
  4. Ganapataye Namaha
  5. Moola Mantra
  6. Jai Kali Ma
  7. Om Shanti

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