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Review: Mystical Ireland: CD Gift Box Collection

Mystical Ireland: CD Gift Box Collection includes The Virgin’s lament, Vox de Nube, The Darkest Midnight by Nóirín Ní Riain. Sounds True. 2003

Nóirín Ní Riain works with the monks of Glenstal Abbey to bring these three CDs to life, creating a highly spiritual experience for Christians and Pagans alike. This music is specifically designed to combine the roots of Christianity and Paganism together to celebrate traditional prayers, hymns, and laments of Irish history.

Each CD brings forth it’s own special spirituality, to enrich and entertain your soul.

The track listings for The Virgin’s Lament include:

1. Caoineadh Mhuire (Mary’s Keen)

2. Gol na dTri Muire (The Weeping of the Three Marys)

3. The Darkest Midnight

4. Seacht nDolas na Maighdine Muire-Uibh Rathach (The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary)

5. An Bhainis Phosta A Bhi I gCana (The Wedding Feast at Cana)

6. Seacht nDolas na Maighdine Muire- Cuige Chonnacht (The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary II)

7. An Caoineadh (The Keen)

8. Caoineadh na hAoine (Friday Lament)

9. Posadh Naofa Cana (The Holy Wedding at Cana)

10. Dextera Domini (The Lord’s Right Hand)

11. Caoineadh na Maighdine (The Blessed Virgin’s Keening)

The Darkest Midnight (Religious Songs from the Irish Tradition) CD includes:

1) The Seven Rejoices of Mary

2) Christmas Day is Come

3) Songs of Jerusalem

4) Ye Sons of Men

5) Good People All

6) Song for New Year’s Day

7) The Darkest Midnight

8) Sciathluireach Mhuire (Mary’s Breastplate)

9) An Teicheadh Go hEigipt (The Flight into Egypt)

10) Now to Conclude Our Christmas Mirth

11) O Pia Virgo (O Blessed Virgin)

Vox ge Nube (Voice from the Cloud) CD includes:

1)Magnificat cum Alleluia (Song of Praise)

2) Pater Noster (Our Father)

3) Lob/Ehre, Christe: Joa Bolendas (Praise/Glory to Christ)

4) A Dhia Ghleigil (Oh Glorious God)

5) O Viridissima Virga: Hildegard of Bingen (Most Holy Virgin)

6) a) A Song for mary Magdalen, b) Pater Superni Luminis (Our Father of Light)

7) Kyrie Eleison: Hildegard of Bingen (Lord, Have Mercy)

8) We Venerate Thy Cross

9) Cum Processit: Hildegard of Bingen (When You Came Forth)

10) An tAiseirl (The Resurrection)

11) Go mBeannaitear Duit (Hail, Mary)

12) Homilia Sancti Bernardi Abbatis (Homily of Saint Bernard)

13) The Beatitudes

14) Regnavit Dominus (The Lord Now Reigns)

15) Saint Brighid’s Prayer

16) O Frondens Virga: Hildegard of Bingen (Oh, Flowering Stem)

17) Seacht Suailci na Maighdine Muire (The Seven Rejoices of mry)

18) Ar nAthair (Our Father)

19) In Paupertatis Praedia (In the Farmland of Poverty)

20) Vater Unser: Joa Bolendas (Our Father)

The haunting sounds of the Monks of the Glenstal Abbey, will transport your mind into a different world. The voices are soothing as the chants draw you into a hypnotic like trance.

Each one of these CDs is deeply spiritual, and can be used for deep meditations, yoga practices, ritual, or other spiritual connections.

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