Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: The Intimate Life: Awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others

The Intimate Life: Awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others by Judith Blackstone, Ph.D. Sounds True. 2011.

This book is designed to help you connect more fully with yourself and those around you – particularly with your partner if you are in a committed relationship with a person who is also willing to go through this book and the practices with you.  Which of course can be a real problem.  If you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in different types of therapy, or thinks these practices may be too “touchy feely” you aren’t going to get very far since the vast majority of the exercises are to be completed with your partner.

There are a few exercises here to be worked on by yourself, that very well may help you open up more fully, but without a partner to work on with this, you probably won’t find yourself living an “intimate life” from these exercises.

If you should happen to change partners at some point, you would also need to perform these exercises with your new partner as well. So while you may awaken yourself some to your own spiritual essence, this book is far more about opening yourself to the spiritual essence of others.

The exercise however, are very interesting, and should be able to bring people closer together, while opening each person up more to their past, to their partners past, and of course to their own present and future.  Opening yourself to the past however is a necessary step in order to be able to open yourself to the present and the future.

Though this book isn’t quite what I had expected – I assumed there would be more individual practices – this would be a really great guide for couples. You may want to purchase this as a gift for an anniversary. However if you are feeling that your relationship needs some help, don’t put this purchase off, it may very well be just the help you need.

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