Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Sea Chi Organics

Sea Chi Organics

Mandarin Vanilla Lip Balm .15 oz ($14)

Smooth and silky! Living in northern Illinois, if there is one thing I have had a ton of experience with – it’s dried chapped winter lips! Between the dry heat of a gas furnace heated house and the bitter slap of dry winter winds, our skin takes a beating in the winter months of Chicagoland.

When your lips are dry, sore, chapped, even swollen – this lip balm soothes and heals. With a slight tingle you can feel it working as it dulls the pain. Even severely cracked dry lips will heal quickly with this balm – that can also be used then to protect them from the elements.

It has a light citrusy scent that will help open your eyes with its burst of perkiness, that is countered by the calming vanilla scent.

Though this is obviously more expensive than your normal run of the mill lip balm – it is still less than a high end lipstick. If you can splurge for a bit of color, splurging to heal and keep your lips in supple shape may just be a justifiable expense. You will also find you won’t need to use this lip balm as often as many of the others on the market as the effects from a single use are pretty long lasting. Even at my lips worst, I found I needed to refreshen my lips only about a third of what I need with a regular lip balm. This does help cut down on the expense a bit too.

Peppermint Shampoo 8 oz ($33)

Oh this scent is awesome! Smells incredible and I love the lather the shampoo makes.

However, it was just way too drying for my already dry hair. After rinsing the shampoo out my hair felt terrible. It would knot up as it was now TOO clean, no oil left whatsoever to coat and protect it. It left it very rough feeling, not “touchably soft”, as described in their catalog. It stripped my hair so clean of anything I would have to condition twice to simply get the knots back out!

I tried shampooing every other day, then every third day, then every fourth day, but even though by then my hair was looking like it needed a good washing – it would still strip everything straight away.

For someone who does have really oil hair, try the sample size first, it may work for you. For someone with dry hair however, I would not recommend this shampoo.

Leave On Moisturizing Treatment and Hair Growth Formula 8 oz ($59)

This leave in treatment has a really great earthy scent that I loved.

It made my hair very soft, controllable and frizz free – in fact, far better than the previous non-organic frizz free treatment I had been using.

I found for me the best way to use it was to shampoo, conditioner with my regular conditioner, then apply the leave in treatment. Without that extra conditioner I didn’t get near as good results as I did with it.

The product works great. Though I have long hair and 1 bottle didn’t last me even a month. This could become extremely expensive awful fast.

For this product, it’s really has to come down to what are you willing to spend, and how much do you want an all natural organic product? This is one great conditioner, though I admit, I didn’t notice any change in growth rate – but it was used for only a short amount of time so that would be difficult to judge.

For some one with short, non-dry, normal hair, an 8 ounce bottle could probably easily last 2 months. But if you have longer hair, you could also easily end up spending over a $100 a month just on your leave in treatment. That’s a call each individual has to make for themselves. If you want to at least try this product I would recommend getting the trial size and use it for special occasions when you want your hair to look stunning.

All of Sea Chi’s products are made from natural, organic ingredients. They are on the pricey side (organic products generally are more expensive anyway), but these are even on the pricey side of pricey.

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