Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Every night before I go to bed, I always read for at least ten minutes.  The current book I'm reading is one for The Pagan Review titled "Living in Gratitude" by Angeles Arrien.

This book is broken down into monthly sections - last night I finished up February (Attend to the Heart) and March (Compassionate Service).

I was shocked at how fitting a few of the quotes were after yesterday's blog and so I'm sharing those here:

  • We are strong-hearted whenever we demonstrate courage in our lives, such as by standing  up for a friend who is being treated unjustly, or by intervening when someone is being bullied. Courage means standing by one's heart or core.
  • Open-hearted people demonstrate more compassion, kindness, and generosity as a result of the delight they take in maintaining their sense of adventure and wonder.
  • When our hearts are clear, we know where we stand with the important people in our lives.
  • When the four-chambered heart is full, strong, open, and clear, it is healthy, and gratitude comes to us naturally. We choose to live a meaningful life filled with integrity and purpose, one that offers unlimited ways to be thankful and to express our gratitude to those around us.
  • When we are half-hearted, we operate from "shoulds" rather than wants. Often, half-heartedness signals when we feel duty-bound and believe we have little or no choice in what we do. 
  • Half-heartedness can also indicate that we have outgrown certain interests, people, or circumstances.
  • We often move into denial when we are weak-hearted so we won't have to see things as they are. 
  • When we are weak-hearted and in denial, we normalize the abnormal and abnormalize the normal.
And then in the chapter for March: Compassionate Service these beauties pop up:
  • Those things that have been gestating and incubating in winter reveal themselves in spring, and it is during this burgeoning time that nature mirrors back to us new possibilities and the exaltation of life.
  • Spring is the season of hope and the irresistible impulse to grow and create.
  • We have the ultimate opportunity in spring to restore and embody our natural goodness, to harness our luck, and to become better people.
  • We need to summon the courage to begin a new phase in our growth; then we can start with something we are confident we can achieve.
I have to believe that I began reading this book at just the right time, and these quotes came along just when I needed them the most.

What an affirmation of being on the right path!

Though where I live there is snow on the ground and the fog is so thick this morning I can't even see most of my backyard, spring is definitely in the air!  Today our temps are forecasted to hit almost 60 degrees. I expect the snow will melt and the fog will burn away.

I guess you could say the snow inside me is melting while the fog is burning away too.

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