Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan. Destiny Books. 2011.


This book tells the all encompassing story of how present day New Orleans Voodoo came into existence. Going back in time, this book starts at the beginning, and describes the birth of the Crescent City. By drawing on traditions from numerous cultures, and combining faiths and beliefs together, modern day New Orleans Voodoo was created and has grown in popularity throughout the decades.

This book goes into great depth recreating the environment where New Orleans Voodoo took its first breath, showing the differences between other forms of Voodoo such as Haitian or African, and these differences are major. These differences are what make New Orleans Voodoo it’s own, unique practice.

While this book does focus more on the history and environment of New Orleans, than it does on how to actually practice it, this background is necessary in order to fully comprehend what New Orleans Voodoo really and truly is. By knowing its history, it makes the actual practice more feasible.

We are treated to the stories, legends, and history that have combined together over the years to bring us to our modern day.

This handbook is very informative on the history and gives the reader a broad range of knowledge to help point him/her in the right direction if they want to look more in depth for actual practices. The basics on practices are given, though anyone wanting to commit to a life of practicing New Orleans Voodoo is going to want to use some of the given resources to dig deeper. While practice is possible with the information that is given, it would be best supplemented by follow up research with one of the resources provided.

This book is also an invaluable asset for anyone getting ready to plan a trip to New Orleans, or looking to begin some research on The Big Easy.

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