Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Minawear Hemp and Organic Yoga Clothing

Minawear Hemp and Organic Yoga Clothing

Minawear is a unique producer of hemp clothing made for yoga, and casual wear. I haven’t had much experience with hemp, so was pleasantly surprised at the softness and warmth of the material these clothes were fashioned from. The blend in this material is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. With a thickness and consistency similar to wool, but with out the scratchy feeling, these clothes are also more breathable than a lot of other material on the market. Softer, thicker and fluffier than just plain cotton – yet doesn’t make you overheat and sweat.

The Low Rise Clam Diggers (priced at $64), with trim were my favorite out of the 4 different products we were able to review. They have a good length to them, are well fitting and comfortable enough for yoga or everyday casual wear.

The Low Rise Drawstring pants with silk trim ($78), are also comfortable, but it seems these do tend to run a bit long. On the website you can order a custom inseam, and for the extra $2 I would highly recommend it. The length these pants came in was too long to do much of anything in, other than possibly lay around on the couch! I recommend checking the measurements on everything to ensure a good and comfortable fit – especially if you are indeed shopping for clothes for your yoga practice. Comfort and fit should be your highest priorities when searching for your ideal yoga workout clothes.

The Mini Dress with long raglan sleeves ($68) is stylish, and though probably not something you would wear for yoga, you can easily dress it up or down with accessories. It’s also warm enough to wear on cool days and can be partnered with leggings for a warmer look.

The 3 strap tank ($54) comfortable and when sized properly, form fitting with a built in bra.

The colors are all vibrant and these clothes will not only get you noticed, you will feel like you are doing something special for yourself just by wearing them. You will feel as if you have been wrapped in luxury with the feel of this hemp and organic cotton blend against your skin.

Personally, I feel the mini dress and clam diggers are the best value, and you will have the easiest time finding the proper fit for these two items. I do want to emphasize checking on measurements before ordering. You want to get the right size the first time around so you will be able to enjoy your new clothes as soon as they arrive instead of having to exchange them for a different size.

The only issue I found with the Minawear line was the lack of different sizes. While most items are available in S, M, L, or XL, I was unable to find anything on the website that said what these actual sizes stood for – which is another reason to check your measurements before buying. Send an email to customer service to find out which size should fit you best. It seems to me the sizes may run a bit on the small side, and if you’re a larger size person – you aren’t going to find much here for you – which truly is a shame. Larger people do also perform yoga, and should be able to feel comfortable while doing so also. Perhaps with the cost of hemp material the company feels it wouldn’t do enough business in plus sizes to justify the expenditures, I don’t know, but with the growing popularity of yoga, and the number of people trying to get healthier and lose weight, perhaps it’s something Minawear will look into in the future.

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