Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting healthy

Trying harder to get a bit healthier this year, I've got well over 2 years on the nonsmoker path now, time to start worrying about things as well! So been trying out some new healthier alternative products to review for The Pagan Review, and to decide what I want to incorporate into my daily life.

We all know health food stores can be a bit expensive and while I love to support the small businesses in the community, I could easily go broke in a matter of hours at my local health food store!

A couple of days ago I was searching online for chia seeds, and found some on sale at a website for about 1/4 of what they cost at my local store, so I had to check it out.

I shopped for a while, placed an order (which I got free shipping on for spending over $49) and my order arrived in a few days. I didn't think it could possibly make it as fast as it did, but it's here. Really happy with the items I purchased -- and a couple of free samples to boot.

After receiving my order I found out that referrals also earn you credits -- $10 for the friend and $10 for me! Well that just makes a good deal even better. So if you want to try the site out -- and save an additional $10 in the process, please use this link and I will get $10 too!!!

Thanks and I hope you like it -- I'll be going back soon to order some Larabars....

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