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The Best of Wah! CD. Sounds True. 2006.

The Best of Wah! CD. Sounds True. 2006.


Although this CD is already a few years old, it was my first experience with Wah – an artist, who by now has been performing with her band for over 17 year. Touring nightclubs and yoga centers, Wah has built her own special following.

Her music brings us peace and contentment and can have multiple uses in our daily spiritual lives. Perfect for yoga, pilates, or light meditation, this is a versatile CD, that can also be used in ritual or other spiritual practices.

The tracks on this CD include:

1. Bola Ram
2. Gopala Hare
3. Is it Love
4. Opening
5. Gayatri (luscious chill mix)
6. Hare Krishna
7. Raksha Ma
8. Heart Sutra
9. Opium
10. Om Mani Padme Hum
11. Stay in My Heart
12. On Namah Shivaya
13. Shree Ram/Om

The CD insert lists the lyrics to the chants, and often translates and explains the significance of the chants which makes it easier to follow along and comprehend the meanings behind each of these songs, building on this musical experience.

If you aren’t familiar with Wah – this is a great way to introduce yourself. The songs on this CD were chosen from her repertoire from the previous decade. This selection showcases some deeply spiritual chants.

The music is calming when needed, and even a bit groovy at times, to give your heart an extra boost. Wah’s voice is soothing and smooth – an experience in itself.

It doesn’t matter what your religion or pathway is, experiencing a connection to your high power through music and song is a positive experience. This CD from Wah can help you connect not only to your higher power, but to your own higher self.

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