Tuesday, January 24, 2012

review: Tibetan Dream Journey CD by Nawang Khechog.

Tibetan Dream Journey CD by Nawang Khechog.

Sounds True. 2011.


Master flutist Nawang Khechog, brings to us a beautiful compilation of kindness and compassion, in the incredible music of this CD.

By combining the music of his flute with light percussion, and guest musicians, he creates a masterpiece with which to treats us.

The universal compassion chant from the Dalai Lama is extraordinary, and a delightful experience you can relive over and over again.

While I know not many people bother to read the CD inserts, you'll never know what you just might find a out by doing so.

On the cover of the CD insert, is a letter to the listener. In this letter, Khechog describes an accident that took place in 2007, in which he was seriously injured and his niece lost her life. He briefly discusses his recovery including a setback in 2008 after suffering a heart attack. He goes on to explain a Tibetan spiritual saying, “Take your hardships and strategies into your spiritual path”, and how this is has helped him to recover from this traumatic experience.

After reading this letter, you have a new, even better appreciation for the music. When you understand where the music is coming from, it reaches to a new level, it reaches inside of you and you feel an ever deeper connection to it.

The tracks on t: my lifehe CD include:
1. Prophecy
2. Into Dharmakaya
3. Tibetan Dream Journey
4. Tibetan Freedom Through Nonviolence and Compassion
5. Finding Joy Through Compassion for Others
6. Zen Sem Blues
7. Rocking with Nonviolence and Peace
8. Om Mani Padme Hoong
9. Finding Within the Way Out of Suffering
10. Chant of Universal Compassion
11. May All Be Kind to Each Other

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