Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: Journey to the Faerie Ring: a Guided Meditation CD by Alicen Geddes-Ward

Journey to the Faerie Ring: a Guided Meditation CD by Alicen Geddes-Ward. Paradise Music.


I first tested out this CD with my group, The Gathering Grove, on the best day of the year to work with fairies: Midsummer. We had prepared for the meditation by lying blankets on the ground around a bonfire. After our Midsummer ritual, we proceeded to the bonfire area where each group member took a place on a blanket and got comfortable. The CD played in a portable CD player and was plenty loud for everyone to hear over the popping and snapping of the fire.

This meditation CD is a true journey as you begin in one location, at one time, and the you journey along with the CD meeting different fairies, traveling to different locations throughout the program.

Each track on the CD builds onto the one before. The problem with this, is each track is not its own separate meditation; while the topics change with each track, they cannot be used as their own separate standalone meditation. Therefore in order to complete this meditation most effectively you do need to have plenty of time on hand to go through the entire CD. All of us performing the meditation that Midsummer night, agreed we would have liked the meditation better had each track been able to be completed on its own.

The track listings on this CD include:

1. Begin the Journey of Secrets
2. Discover the Faerie Queen
3. The Sparkling Spider’s Web Entrance
4. The Magic of the Elven Tree
5. Enchantment of the Elves
6. The Singer in the Stream
7. The Faerie Ring
8. The Faerie Mound at Dusk

Though I did try to perform the meditation separately, they just do not work well on their own. Therefore, when preparing to perform this meditation, be sure to have at least an hour set aside to do so.

The enclosed CD insert in clues information such as:
how to use this album for meditation to the faerie ring, tips for meditating successfully, about the fairies and their message, meeting the faerie queen, what is a fairy ring, recommended faerie reading, information on workshops magazines artist and sculptors, and a brief bit of information on the Orkney Faerie Museum and Gallery.

While each one of us enjoyed the meditations on this CD, and each had a different and unique experience, we all agreed that the length seemed too long. Because each track blends in with the track before and after it, there just didn't seem to be any real pauses or breaks. However this also did make it feel like a true journey. If you don't mind longer meditations, this was definitely fun, frisky and informative. I simply cannot emphasize enough, that in order to make this meditation the most positive it can be, you will need to make sure you have plenty of time set aside along with a comfortable position, perhaps even lying down.

Prepare well for this meditation and you will be rewarded at the end of your journey.

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