Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album: 10 minute meditations to help find your Spirit Guide by Philip Permutt

The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album: 10 minute meditations to help find your Spirit Guide by Philip Permutt. Paradise Music.


The first time I tried out this meditation CD, I invited a couple of friends over to do it with me. We set up the downstairs so it would be already for us to meditate, with three couches - one for each of us, and dimmed lights, we put the CD into the DVD player, got into position and let the meditation flow.

The voice of Philip Permutt is soothing and relaxing, so soothing and relaxing that both one of my friends and myself fell asleep halfway through the CD.

The third person in our trio however, completed the entire meditation, ran to a different room, got paper and a pen, wrote down several notes about his own experience, and then woke the rest of us up. Obviously, we were in a pretty deep sleep.

A few days later I attempted the meditation again, this time sitting up in daylight, and was able to go through the entire CD without falling asleep. Though I admit, I was still getting a little groggy by the end of the CD. It wasn't that the meditations were boring it's just that Phillips voice is that soothing and comforting, you feel safe enough to fall asleep wherever you are.

Backed with music by Llewellyn, if you did want to use the CD to help you sleep at night it probably wouldn't hurt.

The track listings on this CD include:
Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: The Mountain
Track 3: The Forest (animal guides)
Track 4: The Cave
Track 5: The Crystal
Track 6: The Pyramid
Track 7: The Temple in the Clouds

What I specifically liked about the CD is the fact that each one of the tracks stands alone as its own separate meditation. You do not have to listen to them all at the same time. If you only have a small amount of time to meditate you can pick which track you would like to work with, or if you have a longer amount of time you can run the tracks together. With some other meditation CDs this just isn't possible you need each track to build upon the one before.

Philip uses rich descriptions to transport your body, mind and soul into your meditation. These places he takes you, become alive and real in your mind's eye. These meditations to meet your spirit guides, are definitely a positive experience that can have great impact on your daily life. Performing these meditations multiple times may introduce you to different spirit guides, or it may just help you build a stronger relationship with specific guides you are working with.

I found the programs on this CD to be highly effective, soothing, entertaining, informative, and just plain interesting. Whether you are new to meditation or an old pro, give this CD a try, it may very well open a new world to you.

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