Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review Goddess Cards: Inanna and Yoga Mama

Review Goddess Cards: Inanna and Yoga Mama

It’s a beautiful day in northern Illinois, and it’s time again for a couple more cards from the Goddess Card collection from Anne Baird. Today’s selection includes: “Inanna: Sumerian Goddess of Heaven and Earth” http://www.goddesscards.com/inanna.html and “Yoga Mama” http://www.goddesscards.com/yogamama.html

The Inanna card is slightly different from the other Goddess cards we have seen so far as this one doesn’t have the border around the main picture, so we don’t get as much of her story in the full picture. Still, this is a beautiful card that emphasizes the strength and wisdom of this Mother aspect Goddess.

This card also reminds us what used to be considered the ideal physique of a good mother – ample breasts, along with ample hips and waist – not the warped image of physical “beauty” advertisers are convincing people to strive for today. Inanna is all real woman.

The second card this week is “Yoga Mama”. On the front of this card it says “You constantly amaze me”, and pictures two women practicing yoga together – showing them in several different poses.

On the inside of the card, we have two women, one younger, one older, belly dancing to the music of two musicians and the words, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

This is a sweet card that you can send to show any woman in your life how you respect and appreciate her. I also like how it does end up showing the tie in of yoga and belly dance too – these two practices are complimentary to each other – perhaps similar to your relationship with the woman you would send this card too. This is another card that emphasis the strength of women – something women everywhere need to celebrate – in themselves and in each other.

Pick up some of these cards today to send to your female friends and family. Let them know you appreciate and celebrate their strength – you are not intimidated by or jealous of it. Female strength gives the world life. Take the time to honor it.

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