Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Goddess Cards - Demeter and Persephone

Goddess Cards


Our second set of greeting cards from Anne Baird of Goddess Cards brings us “Demeter: The Fierce Mother” and “Persephone: the Maiden, Queen of the Underworld”.

With Autumn upon us, this is the perfect time for either of these cards. Again Anne Baird uses her extreme talent to interpret the lives of Demeter and her daughter around the edges of each of these cards and tell us their stories.

The story of Demeter and Persephone is a beautiful story of a mother’s love for her daughter, and how a mother will go to the ends of the earth to protect her daughter from the evils of the world – or the Underworld for that matter.

While I am still more partial to actual paper cards, Anne Baird does also have ecards available through her second website www.egoddesscards.com. A full year’s membership is only $19.95 and for that price you can send up to 40 ecards a day. It is a great price and with the large selection of cards available, anyone should be able to get plenty of usage for their money.

I particularly like the Demeter card as it not only resonates with me as a mother, the main picture of Demeter depicts her walking through a field of wheat as she holds some in one arm and a torch in the other. This card has a very “fallish” feel to it, and fall is my most favorite time of the year.

Whether you have friends with birthdays this time of year, or just want to wish someone a Merry Mabon, this is the perfect card to write your own internal note on and send away to share the beauty with someone you love.

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