Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Essence of Vali - Sleep: A Bedtime Ritual

Essence of Vali

Essence of Vali is a an aromatherapy company created by a woman named….yes, you guessed it…. Vali!

Vali sent in several different products to be reviewed, so like Goddess Cards, in order to do these products justice, the reviews will be broken up over the next few weeks, in order to get them all in and give them all sufficient testing, and opportunity to be written about.

The first product I am going to review is Sleep – A Bedtime Ritual. This is a small vial of a combination of essential oils that you simply place one drop -- and yes – JUST ONE DROP – on your onto a tissue that you can stick inside your pillow case.

My only problem with this product was getting that just one drop out of the vial! You do have to be very careful or you will accidently spill more out of the vial and this potion is so potent, one drop is really all you need.

Sleep is a combination of lavender, cedar, marjoram and ylang ylang. These scents combine together to create a very uniquely relaxing smell that does indeed help induce sleep. Those who have read my reviews for a while know that without some kind of help, I have severe sleep issues, so whenever I go to try out a new sleep aid, I have to basically go cold turkey for a few days on any remedies and then try out the product to give it ample opportunity to prove itself.

This product did just that. It is very relaxing and literally you can feel yourself sinking into a state of relaxation. When I combine this essence with one of my sleep CD’s - I get the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life.

Watch for more Essence of Vali reviews in the near future!


  1. I work swing shifts and as a man i didnt think this would work.But with many sleepness nights i said wouldnt hurt.I'm stressed alot and no sleep so i breath it in out of bottle and u guessed i go to sleep wake up 4-5 hrs later to use the bathroom and while im in there breath in a couple more and go back to bed.Best thing i have used besides prescription and i dont wont that..havent had any but wonder if there any side it

  2. I haven't had any side effects -- except for maybe being more relaxed!