Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Earth Star Studios: Spiritually focused art and unique Goddess imagery

Earth Star Studios: Spiritually focused art and unique Goddess imagery

The artwork of Megan Welti is truly awe inspiring. Earth Star Studios owner, Megan Welti sent out several greeting cards to be reviewed that feature her artwork. Not only can this art be bought in card format, but also prints, and there are other goodies available on her site as well including wall plaques and jewelry. Each of these designs is truly unique, thought provoking and they have a strong spiritual presence.

My favorite of the samples is “Danu”. In her green cloak, with braided red hair, the Celtic mother of all nurses one green nature baby – serving as a symbol of the earth – while her belly swells with another child waiting to be born.

Also in this picture we see the grass beginning to green, leaves beginning to form on a tree, and a blue bird preparing to build her nest – all signs of new life approaching.

Each one of these different designs tells its own story and in each one you may find more than one story waiting to be told.

Often in this day and age the simple gesture of sending a card to someone is overlooked. We can email, text, even post to their wall on Facebook. We can continue to communicate in these impersonal, technological ways, or we can take the time to show our loved ones we are never too busy to take some time for a personal, more connected communication. These cards are all blank on the inside so you can use them to write out what you truly want to say instead of using someone else’s mass produced words to try to explain how you feel. Not too mention we often find ourselves in situations that mass produced cards just don’t cover.

These cards will help make your communications more spiritual, more heartfelt, more personal, and more real, all while sharing a beautiful piece of artwork with your loved ones. These cards are also worthy of being framed (or buy the larger print sizes) to decorate your home or even to be used as altar decorations – especially those that are sabbat related or if you will be honoring or working with a particular deity, you can include her picture as you call her into your circle.

Truly a bright and beautiful collection, these cards make you want to take the time to communicate deep thoughts, or other sentimental messages to family and friends, with a bit of spiritual style.

Also look for: Imbolg, Luna (which is really quite lovely), Artemis, The Bee Priestess, and with Samhain and Yule coming up, the prints and jewelry would make great gifts, while the Samhain and Yule cards are great for just letting people know you care without having to spend a ton of money – one of these cards with a picture frame to put it in after the card is read, is an incredibly personal, beautiful and unique, yet inexpensive gift from the heart.

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