Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goddess Greeting Cards from

Goddess Cards

Anne Baird of Goddess Cards sent us so many of her greeting cards to review, I thought it only fair to break them down into sets and review them 2 at a time. Because we still have so many other items to review right now and are a bit behind (thanks to many life events hitting all at once!), these reviews will be intermingled with other products instead of doing a straight series.

Goddess Cards has many different categories of cards, but I am going to start with the actual Goddess Category. This week’s cards are “Kuan Yin” and “Oshun”

The Kuan Yin card states her name at the bottom middle of the card, with “Mercy and Compassion” written underneath. The back of the card gives a bit of information about this Goddess and gives some history and stories about her as well. These cards are both beautiful and informative. If you are unfamiliar with any of the Goddesses featured on any of her cards, the back will give you enough information to be able to understand why the front is drawn as it is.

With the Kuan Yin card, we see the Goddess featured in the center of the greeting card, while other information about her surrounds her, for example, we see her with her sisters before her father the king, and we see her being rescued by a tiger before she was to be beheaded.

These cards are simply beautiful while being educational at the same time.

The Oshun card tells us she is The “Yoruba Goddess of Love and Beauty”. Her card includes the same type of information on the back with important events from her background drawn in all around her on the front.

These blank cards could be used for many different occasions, or for no occasion at all – just to drop a friend a quick note.

In a world of electronic….well everything, these cards are a beautiful way to keep in touch with loved ones, to wish a happy and joyous marriage, or just to help educate those you love in your own beliefs.

You may have a draw to a particular Goddess that you prefer to work with, and Goddess Cards has designs of many of them – which we will explore in later reviews, but go ahead and check out her website to see all of the many cards she offers in the different categories. She also does have sabbat cards and with Samhain and Yule just around the corner, now would be a good time to get your orders in!

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