Monday, September 26, 2011

Goddess cards: Isis and Gaia

Goddess Cards

Our third set of greeting cards from Anne Baird of Goddess Cards brings us “Isis: Queen of the Immortals” and “Gaia: Mother of All”.

Though, the Isis one is very interesting, and again the artwork is incredible while telling the story of Isis and her love and search for Osiris around the outside of the card – I am particularly drawn to the Gaia card.

As “Mother of All” this card shows Gaia as mother to the animals that live on the land, in the sea, and in the air, along with humans of different ethnic groups. Animals and children both flock around her, while one small babe reaches out to be nursed.

With a cat curled up in her lap and a cow laying at her feet while a sheep grazes just inches away off of lush green grass, we are truly able to see and understand just what “mother of all” really is. Gaia is mother to not only the animals and people depicted on this card, but the vegetation, tree, flowers, hills, and river as well, making this the perfect card for many occasions including new moms or for someone who just needs to know they aren’t alone – we are all Gaia’s children, we are all connected, we are all family.

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