Monday, September 26, 2011

Essence of Vali: Relief Massage and Bath Oil

Essence of Vali

Relief Massage and Bath Oil

The ingredients of this mixture contains: Jojoba oil, essential oils of lavender oils, peppermint leaves and birch bark.

This mixture combines together to help relax the body, penetrate into the muscles and soothe away pain.

As someone who suffers from several different forms of chronic pain, I found this oil to be suitable to deal with the arthritis in my knees, but not potent enough to alleviate the pain from my sciatica (which is not too surprising since that is a rather severe pain.)

For sore muscles, and arthritis pain however, this massage oil worked quite well, especially when used after a hot shower, applied in a massage fashion, and then covered with a heating pad. This allowed the peppermint oil to really penetrate into the muscle and let the birch bark do its job to alleviate the pain.

Available in two sizes” 2 oz for $10.00, 4 oz for $17.00

Watch for more Essence of Vali reviews in the near future!

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