Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Goddess Healing CDs by Mary Marzo

Goddess Healing CDs by Mary Marzo (4 CD set) www.goddesshealing.com

Mary Marzo is a holistic psychotherapist, a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, a devoted Goddess spirituality teacher and leader of workshops, rituals and sacred healing circles.

This CD set includes:

Goddess Relaxation and Meditations

Goddess and Child (Meditations for the Inner Child)

and Goddess Blessings: (2 CD set that includes Goddess Mantra Chants on one CD and Daily Meditations on another)

The Goddess Relaxation and Meditations CD is broken down into 3 meditations:

1. Relaxation (30 minutes)
2. Grounding Meditation (18 minutes)
3. Inner Sanctuary Meditation (15 minutes)

The tracks on this CD not only include the guided meditations, they include some helpful hints and tips for meditating along with breathing patterns to practice. Before actually performing any of these meditations, I recommend listening through the entire CD at least once and do some of the breathing exercises as you familiarize yourself with the process and get together any of the items Marzo suggests to use; such as a shawl or blanket, and prepare a comfortable location for your meditation practices. By listening to the CD ahead of your actual meditation session, you will also know what you are dealing with and which meditation you would like to perform.

You can perform each of these meditations separately or join them together for a longer session. I would not recommend joining more than 2 together though, as this may end up being too emotionally and mentally draining. If you do want to join two together, I would recommend the relaxation meditation followed by either one of the other two meditations.

The Goddess and Child (Healing Meditations for the Inner Child) CD includes the following tracks:

1. Healing the Inner Child (31 minutes)
2. Introduction to the MA chant
3. MA chant (13 minutes) – the CD insert says “Inspired by the temples of Malta. Imagine yourself encircled by 13 female voices chanting “MA” in a healing Goddess temple circa 3500 BCE. The MA mantra is one of the most ancient sounds on earth and is evocative of the primordial Great Mother Goddess.”
4. Coming Home – Creating a Safe Sacred Place (23 minutes)

This CD I do recommend taking the time to again, listen to it first, but then complete the entire CD in one meditation session – at least the first time, so in the future you can specialize your practice to what you need it to be.

The third CD is Goddess Blessings, and this is a 2 CD set.

The first CD of this set is Daily Meditations, and includes the following tracks:

1. Introduction to Goddess Blessings
2. Inner Teacher Meditation
3. Introduction to Chakra Meditation
4. Chakra and Golden Light Meditation
5. Protection
6. Gratitudes
7. Intentions
8, Affirmations
9. The Charge of the Goddess
10. HER Amazing Grace

The 2nd CD is Goddess Mantra Chants

1. Durga (Goddess of Protection)
2. Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance)
3. Saraswati (Goddess of Creativity and Communication)
4. Sri Yantra (Universal Divine Feminine)

With the first CD you are able to pick and choose what type of meditation you need to suit your needs at any particular time. With the second CD you can practice the different Goddess mantra chants.

This entire CD set can be used to add to your daily practices or to enhance group or solitary ritual.

This set is a complete collection to help intensify your spirituality. Marzo expertly helps the listener transcend into a meditative, highly spiritual state, where true healing of the mind, body, and soul can take place while strengthening the relationship between the listener and the divine feminine.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Wind that Shakes the Barley CD by Loreena McKennitt

The Wind that Shakes the Barley CD by Loreena McKennitt. Quinlan Road Limited. 2010. www.quinlanroad.com

Sitting through this incredibly hot summer in northern Illinois, makes me yearn even more for the cooler, humidity free days of fall. This latest CD from Loreena McKennitt, helps me imagine those cooler carefree days, giving me at least some relief from the heat.

On the inside of the CD case there is a quote that says, “Every once in a while, there is a pull to return to one’s own roots or beginnings, with the perspective of time and experience, to feel the familiar things you once loved and love still.” This quote is repeated over and over in many different languages, showing its true importance to the music selection on this CD.

This CD of mostly traditional songs, takes the listeners back in time, transporting us to an era where the earth and nature were of the highest importance as they were the givers of life. A time when Kings and Queens ruled until their death with the love, or at the very least- respect, of the people.

Songs on this CD are perfect for listening to any day or time, but many are also perfect for different ritual use. I particularly like Brian Boru’s March and feel it is perfect for maypole dancing, walking down the aisle at an outdoor wedding, or even as ceremonial music for bringing in a harvest and presenting the first feast to the Gods. It’s truly a beautiful song that can be used in all kinds of situations.

The tracks on this CD include:

1. As I Roved Out
2. On a Bright May Morning
3. Brian Boru’s March
4. Down by the Sally Gardens
5. The Star of the County Down
6. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
7. The Death of Queen Jane
8. The Emigration Tunes
9. The Parting Glass

Whenever a Loreena McKennitt CD comes out, it’s hard not to say for each and every one, “this one is my all time favorite”, but with this one and the Irish/Celtic roots, I can’t fight it anymore, this one is definitely my favorite CD so far from Loreena.

It is spiritual while entertaining. I have big plans for this CD at our Lughnasadh ritual, as the mood it creates will go along great with our festival and ritual.

You can listen to samples on the Quinlan Road website – make sure to check out this incredible CD from one of our most talented artists.