Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Orleans - gotta go home

Monday, May 30th

Though we were excited we would soon be able to see everyone, Monday morning was quite sad knowing that we would soon be on the plane and headed away from New Orleans. I had figured I would fall in love with the place, and I definitely had, even in just the short amount of time we had been there. Who Knows, maybe if I had to live there all the time I wouldn't like it as much - I doubt it though!

In the morning we packed everything up, loaded up the car and checked out of the hotel. We were going to be spending some time driving around before heading to the car rental place to drop it off. We went back to Audubon park and found the labyrinth - which of course now I want one in my backyard. We tried twice to go by Hanson's Snow Biz as our guide book said it was the best place for "sno- balls" but it was closed both times. We neaded over to City Park and saw the Suicide Tree - this was a rather emotional stop for me and I was disappointed in the state the park was in. Very large park, but in complete disarray. I truly felt bad for this tree that had obviously been through so much.

We ate lunch at a cute little place called Cafe Luna - picked because of the name, but the frapps and food were outstanding!

We also found a spot finally, where we could drive out to see Lake Ponchatrain. What a HUGE lake. Though the lake itself was beautiful, we saw the same problem with the park area - a lot of garbage all over the place and what seemed to be a lack of care. To have these resources and waste them was disenchanting to say the least. I hope we just happened to catch both of these parks on bad days and that this wasn't the norm for the parks in the area.

After all of that, we dropped off the car, got shuttled to the airport and ended our vacation. However...I already have a few ideas for our next one.

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