Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Orleans Day 5

Sunday, May 29th

Sunday we drove out of New Orleans and into a whole different world once again. On our way to Cajun Encounters for our swamp tour we past by Irish Bayou - a place I could probably live quite happily - as long as I was living in the miniature castle that was there!
The drive took us past a whole lot of water, and it was a lot easier to start picturing what it had been like when everything was under water! There was already so much water all around us, it didn't seem like it would take much for a massive flood.

Once at Cajun Encounters I had to bite back my fear of boats (especially smaller ones) and hop on board to go on our swamp tour. We did see several alligators and I did get to hold a tiny baby one - well he was a year old, but he still looked very babyish to me. Took a ton of pictures out on the swamp, saw more damage done by Katrina, and again, found another place I thought I could be completely happy living in. Mike didn't agree. Thought I think throwing marshmallows out my window in the morning to check for gators might be kind of fun.

Once that tour was over, we got back on the road and headed back towards and then pass new orleans headed west to make it to Destrehan Manor Plantation. This home had once run an indigo plantation - I had no idea indigo plantations had even existed. The home was also used in the Anne Rice movie, "Interview with a Vampire".

After we returned back at the hotel, we finished up left overs from our other meals out and decided since this was a vacation of "firsts" we would head over to Harrah's and try our hands at the slot machines. We played some penny slots, and though I won about $55 off of a sea monkey slot machine, I did end up loosing about $20 of that before we decided to head home and make our plans for what to get in before catching our plane home the next day.

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