Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Orleans Day 3

Friday, May 27th

We started the day off bright and early arriving early for the start of the Cemetaey tour so we had time to shop a little first. Our tour took us into St. Louis Cemetery #1, home to the tomb of Marie Laveau and future tomb of Nicholas Cage. It was pretty obvious that our tour guide was not a fan of Nicholas Cage (since she stated that he probably bought the tomb just so the government couldn't take it back). We spent plenty of time walking around the cemetery that truly was an interesting experience. At the back of the cemetery she shouwed us where the Protestants were allowed to be buried since it is a Catholic cemetery.

After the cemetery tour, we ate at The Old Coffee Pot. I had crayfish etouffee and Mike had catfish and jambalaya.

We spent a lot of the day walking and shopping. Some of the places we went to include:

Erzulies - 807 Rue Royal

Witchy Living -v2109 Decatur Street

Boutique du Vampyre - 633 Toulouse

Glass Magick - 713 Toulouse

Rev Zombie's House of VooDoo - 723 St. Peter Street

Voodoo Museum - 724 Dumaine Street

Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral

VooDoo Spiritual Temple - 828 N. Rampart

La Laurie mansion - 1140 Rue Royal

We took some time to drive through the 9th ward and see what kind of destruction was still left from hurricane Katrina. It was shocking to see how many houses were still boarded up and abandoned. Some of them it looked like people had just recently returned and were just now starting to clean out the debris left behind. We saw several homes with tons of garbage piled how outside by the road, while other homes looked to be full restored. There were a lot of homes though - way too many - that had obviously not been touched at all yet. It was a real shame to see the destruction and imagine what it had been like there when the storm had hit.

After leaving the 9th Ward, we went to dinner at Coop's Kitchen - 1109 Decatur - A small restaurant that often has a line going out the door because there are so few tables to sit at. Mike got the fried chicken, I got a platter of several different items and we also had a couple different appetizers -- including their version of the crab stuffed jalapenos - they weren't near as good as the ones at the chinese restaurant. The food was ok, but we really liked the food at the Old Coffee Pot better.

Friday was a very long day with a whole lot packed into it, we got far more done than we had imagined we would be able to in one day, but needless to say, by the end of it, we were wiped out.

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