Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Orleans Day 1 part 1

Thursday, May 26th
After out continental breakfast at the hotel (this really
helped save some money!), we grabbed our Frommer's New Orleans
Day by Day Guidebook, and headed off to do some self guided tours.
Since our hotel was in the Garden District on Prytania Street, and the first
stop on the self guided tour was also on Prytania Street we didn't have far to go.
Though we didn't necessarily hit everything listed on the tour, and we did end up taking

a ton of pictures of places not listed, it was a great starting point for us to springboard off of. Some of the sites we saw on our drive and walk through the Garden District included some of the most beautiful gardens, incredible wrought iron fences, gates and even bars on windows, trees that were just shocking in size (and then later we saw the REAL big trees), and homes that just made us drool and want to win a hefty lottery. Also on the Garden District tour we saw:

1) Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 (established in 1833 - 1400 block of Washington Ave)

2) The Musson-Bell House - 1331 Third Street

3) Robinson House - 1415 Third Street

4) Davis House - 2504 Prytania street (built in 1858 it belongs to the Women's Guild of the New Oleans Opera Association)

5) Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel - 2521 Prytania Street. Built in 1858, this home
was owned for a while by author Anne Rice and more recently Nicholas Cage until he lost it in a foreclosure. In the pictures, the beautiful statue of Mary and the baby Jesus are homed at this location in a side garden.

6) Bradish Johnson House - 2343 Prytania Street.

7) Toby's Corner - 2340 Pyrtania Street - built in 1838,
this is the oldest house in the Garden District.

8) Rosegate - 1239 First Street. Another former home of Anne
Rice and also the setting for her "Witching Hour" series.

9) Payne - Strachan house -- 1134 First Street.

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