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Astrology Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards

Astrology Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards Designed by Jadzia DeForest and Jay GreenMan DeForest. Living Magick Learning Card Series. Living Magick Publishing Company.

This is part three of three reviews from the Living Magick Learning Card Series.

The Astrology Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards are a new concept in learning to use the zodiac to plot birth chart, and for other astrological information. These cards are approximately 3.75” X 5.25.

There are several different kinds of cards in this deck. For starters there are the cards that will help you use the actual flash cards. These include cards that are titled as:

How to use the Astrology Deck

Terminology (includes 10 definitions)

Chart Casting (this includes information on what is needed to do a chart and websites that are recommended chart calculators, along with instructions on how to lay out a chart.

There is also a second card that is titled “More about Chart Casting” to give additional information.

We also have a card “Astrological signs in order” which lists each zodiac sign along with it’s corresponding dates.

The Ascendant/Rising Sign card
tells us:
Theme: Public Image
Keywords: Outward self, public personality, first impression, projected personality, self awareness, drive, ambition, goals, motivation, persona, future personality

We are also given the Ascendent card which explains”

Your ascendant, or rising sign, is the part of your
personality that others first see, this is the first impression
you make on those around you – the sigh that your ascendant
is in also shows your goals and what you are moving
toward in your life. If your sun sign represents your
present self, then your rising sign is your future self
and shows that progression

The actual zodiac sign cards give a variety of information. For example, the Pisces card:

Element: water
Mutable: flexible, adaptable. intellectual
keywords: receptive, intuitive, emotional, romantic, mystical, imaginative, psychic, depressed, impractical, lazy
ruling planet: Neptune
Symbol: The fishes
Phrase: “I believe”
Zodiac birthstone: Amethyst
Opposite sign: Virgo

The other side of the card simple shows the zodiac symbol.

The planetary cards some with the symbol on one side and information on the other. For example the Pluto card:

Theme: transformation
keywords: death, rebirth, regeneration, destruction, change, reincarnation, elimination, insight, revolutions, politics, society, mass consciousness, transition
Pluto: (God of the Underworld) Where Pluto is in your chart shows in which part of your life you will experience sudden change, endings and new beginnings. Pluto is also the planet that influences war, politics and generational movements involving revolution.
Pluto rules: scorpio

The astrological houses information card shows how to use the houses in a birth chart. The house cards contain such information as:

First house
House of the Self
Keywords: personality, mannerisms, temperament, attitude, goals, desires, behaviors, motivations, outward appearance, physical self, first impressions
First house ruler: Aries

The “Conjunction”, “Opposition”, “Trine”, “Square”, and “Sextile” cards all give their degrees and list indications.

Elemental cards are also included with information such as:

Fire Signs
element: fire
keywords: outgoing, spontaneous, optimistic, energetic, creative, warm, impulsive, passionate, arrogant, egotistical, selfish, quick tempered, impatient.
Fire signs: aries, leo, sagittarius

Finally we have separate decks of the zodiac and planetary cards that simply have the symbol on one side and the name on the other side, that can be used for chartings and readings once the information about each card is memorized.

As you can see, there is a lot of information covered in this deck, which I think is just incredible. Having these cards – being able to lay them out, move them around, really makes learning the aspects of birth charts a bit easier. Once the student gets the idea, a lot of the confusion often associated with all of these different concepts can easily be eliminated – everything is right there is front of you, you just need to learn where to put it.

Out of the three sets of self study cards, I liked this one the best, it takes what for me anyhow, is the most difficult to learn (out of the tarot, runes, and astrology) and it makes it much more simple to deal with.

Living Magick will also soon be adding more to their product line, bookmark their page, and add them on Facebook so you can keep up to date on these innovative products that help add some magic to your life.

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