Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rune Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards

Rune Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards Designed by Jadzia DeForest and Jay GreenMan DeForest. Living Magick Learning Card Series. Living Magick Publishing Company. www.livingmagickpublishing.com

This is part two of three reviews from the Living Magick Learning Card Series.

The Rune Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards are a new concept in learning to use the rune symbols. These cards – approximately 3.75” X 5.25” come with two different sets. The first set has the symbol for each rune on one side of the card, with the name on the other side. This is a great way to learn the names of each of the different rune symbols.

The second set of cards has the symbol on one side with the information about that rune on the other side.

For example the card “Algiz”, has the rune on one side, and the other side contains the information:

ALGIZ (Letter: Z)
Pronunciation: el-haz Rune #15
Theme: Elk (Guardians)
Keywords: Refuge, Protection, Safety,
Sanctuary, Guardians, Trust
Magickal Working: Protection
Summoning Guardians
Creating Safe Space
Building Good Instincts
Key Phrases:
Safe and protected space
Take advantage of natural defenses
Allies with your best interests at heart
Be alert and keep your wits

At the bottom of the card flipped is the reverse meaning.

ALGIZ (reversed)
Key Phrases:
At risk; unsafe conditions
Deception; hidden agendas
All may not be what it seems
Don’t trust too much

These decks also come with several different instructional and informational cards. These are titled:
About This Deck
Rune Casting
Rune Casting Layouts
Additional Reference Material
Understanding the Runes
Origins of the Runes

These flash cards make for an easy, interesting and quick way to learn all about the runes. The two decks are beneficial as you can the first simple deck to practice learning the signs and their names, switch to the second deck to learn the meanings, and then switch back to the first deck for actual readings.

This is a great deck that can help you broaden your knowledge base and teach you a new skill to add to your spiritual practices.

The other sets in this series includes Tarot Learning Cards and Astrology Learning Cards.


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