Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Tarot Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards

Tarot Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards Designed by Jadzia DeForest and Jay GreenMan DeForest. Living Magick Learning Card Series. Living Magick Publishing Company.

This is part one of three reviews from the Living Magick Learning Card Series.

The Tarot Learning Cards: Self Study Flash Cards are a new concept in learning to use tarot cards for your own benefit. These cards – approximately 3.75” X 5.25” contain on one side the name of the card, with the other side containing information on what the card means both in normal and reversed positions. The exact meanings are not given, yet ideas to help you understand the exact meaning of the cards.

For example the card the Four of Pentacles, on one side simply states “Four of Pentacles” with a drawing of a pentacle. The other side says:

Four of Pentacles
Theme: Wealth
Pentacles: Work, Money, Education
Fours: Foundation, Resting
Keywords: Financial Security, Gain, Power,
Self Preservation, Stability, Unsentimental,
Monetary Hoarding

The bottom half of the card can be flipped for the reversal meaning:

Four of Pentacles (Rx)
Theme: Financial Loss
Pentacles: Work, Money, Education
Keywords: Monetary Difficulties,
Bankruptcy, Setbacks, Gambling,
Taking Financial Risks, Obstacles

This deck includes all of the cards of the major and minor arcana, along with a few instructional cards. These instructional cards include: “About this deck”, “How to Use These Cards”, “Numerology”, “Suits and Elements”, “Recommended Reading”, “About the Court Cards”, “Terminology”, and “About Reversals”.

Though you can also use these cards to do actual readings, they are of a large size and rather thick which makes shuffling a bit difficult – especially for those of us with pudgy little hands!

Different people have different ways they like to learn, and there are different theories of the best ways to learn the meanings of the cards in Tarot. One theory is through memorization of the meanings and themes. Another theory says they are easiest to learn through interpretation of the artwork on the cards. Because these cards don’t contain those type of artwork pictures, these cards are strictly for those who are more comfortable learning through the memorization of themes and meanings.

The other sets in this series includes Rune Learning Cards and Astrology Learning Cards. Because neither Astrology nor Runes require interpreting artwork, I think these cards will appeal to a slightly larger audience than the Tarot Flash Cards do. I definitely look forward to checking these other sets out too.

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  1. Reading tarot cards can be a very interesting and challenging task. It takes time, study and practice in order to grasp the meanings of the tarot. This book really helps you to understand the exact meaning of all the cards. Thanks a lot.