Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Teen Witch Workshop: An Introductory Guide to the Craft CD

Teen Witch Workshop: An Introductory Guide to the Craft CD by Alicen Geddes.
Paradise Music 2010

The more familiar I become with the Paradise Music workshops, the more I like them.

On this CD, Alicen Geddes takes teens by the hand to open them to the world of The Craft.

The only problem I could foresee with this CD is a small difference in culture. I’m not sure if American teens will understand the comparison of a Burberry and a pac-a-mac, when Alicen talks about different ways of creating a sacred circle. Yet this was the only problem I foresaw with this CD, so that’s a pretty good thing!

The tracks on the CD include:

1. Introduction
2. Know the warning label on Magic, Use magic Safely and responsibly
3. Prepare to be Magical with Potions and Herbology
4. Open and Close the door Marked Magic
5. Cast a Magic Circle
6. Meet the Elementals
7. Raising the Power and a Journey with the Star Goddess – Queen of the Constellations
8. Perform Three Simple Spells to Empower Your Life
9. Spell One – The Invisibility Cloak
10. Spell Two – Find Me Love
11. Spell Three – Keep Me Safe
12. Magical Offerings/Close the Door Marked Magic and Have a Midnight Feast

In the booklet, Alicen points out that the booklet and the CD are meant to be used together hand-in-hand in order to achieve the full workshop experience. In the booklet Alicen covers topics such as The Witches’ Rede, using herbs and potions to prepare you for magical work, the sabbats, raising power, creating a book of shadows, color correspondences and 5 different spells including:

1. The invisibility cloak
2. Find me love
3. Keep me safe
4. The telephone spell
5. Home sweet home

Alicen does a great job of explaining that while magic is fun, it is also serious work and important to take it seriously. It’s not just about spells – it’s about spirituality and a reference for the earth and the deities.

Teens – or even other people new to The Craft – will find this an interesting way to start their magical practices.

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