Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Wolf Love CD and DVD set by Omnia.

Wolf Love CD and DVD set by Omnia. Pagan Scum Records. 2010.

In this newest CD from Omnia, we are shown a diversity like never seen before. The first two songs on this CD alone show one extreme to the other, with the reverse lullaby “Wake Up” and the highly politically semi rap like “Dance until we Die”. This song itself brings together different types of music in an anti-government celebration of freedom.

Next we have “Jabberwocky”, which I really enjoyed with its repetitive musical measures that create a rocking back and forth feeling – actually soothing musically speaking.

Saltatio Vita was written for the maenads – which I admit, made me think of Maryann Forester from True Blood, seeing as to how in today’s modern world she’s probably what most people would associate with maenads. Knowing what maenads really are, I found this song to be fitting and can easily imagine dancing around a bonfire with with wine flowing.

“Teachers” tells us about the hard lessons learned in life, and let’s us know, like it or not, that we are never really done learning.

“Love in the Forest” is probably my favorite song on this CD, after all, it is about love in the forest – though at least here in the Midwest the wintertime part would probably just lead to frostbite.

Other tracks on this CD include:

Toys in the Attic

Shamaniac – an ancient tribal chant

Solfeggio from Carl Philipp Emanual Bach

Wheel of Time sings from the point of view of an elderly woman who has said goodbye to everything in her life as the wheel of time rolls on.

Sister Sunshine

Taranis Jupiter

Moon – another one of my favorites, this is an instrumental only song that would be a perfect accompaniment to a full moon ritual.

Wolf Song – puts Little Red Riding Hood to shame.

Cornwall -- set to music that makes this sound like a traditional piece. Beautiful music, and personal, telling lyrics.

Sing for Love

Many of the songs on this CD also incorporate sounds from nature including bird calls and running water.

The DVD includes three different sections: Wolf Love in the Studio, Live at Castlefest 2009, and Extras. These are broken down as follows:

Wolf Love in the Studio:
1) Wolf Song
2) Studio Love
3) “Making of” photos

Live at Castlefest 2009 (performances of):
1) Dance until we Die
2) Saltatio Vita
3) Richard parker’s Fancy
4) Wytches Brew
5) Morrigan (parts I, II, and III)

1) The Bold Fenian Men (acoustic 2008)
2) The Bold Fenian Men (Electric at the Ratcave)
3) Old Man Tree (Very first tryout recording)
4) Pagans on the beach – before and after Castlefest 2009
5) Omnia Trailer 2009
6) Nature Photos (accompanied by Old Man Tree studio version 2009)

Omnia truly shows their diversity not only with the different kinds of music represented on this CD, but with the lyrics as well. This CD proves why Omnia has the following they already do, and it is sure to attract even more listeners to this talented and outspoken Pagan group.

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