Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Delta Sleep System (2 CD set) by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

Delta Sleep System (2 CD set) by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. The Relaxation Company. 1999. www.therelaxationcompany.com


Though this is an older CD set, it is definitely worth a look at. With it currently available for less than $10, anyone who has problems getting to sleep would do well to try this set out.

This set has 2 different CDs – both designed to work the same, just the music selection is different. The instruction books that come with the CDs explain how and why these CDs will get you to sleep and get a better sleep than what you are used to getting. I used each CD for a month, and then switched to the other CD. Every now and then I purposely did NOT use the CD, and I definitely felt the difference.

Being married to someone who has been diagnosed borderline narcoleptic when I have been diagnosed as an insomniac, has always been tough. We go to bed at night, and within minutes he is snoring away content as can be. Often I spend a minimum of 45 minutes trying to get settled in and relaxed enough to even consider sleep. It generally takes another hour or so after that for me to actually fall asleep. (Really makes me want to kick the husband every now and then too as he is blissfully in lala land, and I’m still tossing and turning.)

On the nights I used either one of these CDs I can honestly say I was asleep in an average of 15 minutes. I’m also one of those people who gets up multiple times throughout the night, and these CDs have helped to cut that down to – though not entirely eliminated it – which most of my getting up in the night is for bathroom breaks anyway – something I could control better by not drinking later in the evening, but I do all the time. The instruction booklets do tell you that if you wake up during the night, simply put the CD back on and it will help you fall asleep faster. Again – this is true and has worked quite well for me, getting me back to sleep in usually around 5 minutes or less instead of my normal half hour or so.

The instruction booklets also give you hints and tips on ways to help relax before attempting to sleep, to get you to sleep even faster.

I am 100% positive that since I began using the Delta Sleep System, that I am getting far more, and better, sleep than I did before.

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