Friday, February 11, 2011

The Yoga of Sleep: Sacred and Scientific Practices to Heal Sleeplessness CD by Rubin Naiman, PhD. Sounds True. 2010

2 CDs Running time: 2 hours

This two CD set is broken down into two sessions (one for each disc). The first disc delves into exactly what sleep is – from a scientific and a spiritual view and discusses why people have problems with sleep and why sleep is so important.

Dr. Naiman discuss how our view of sleep has changed making it a mechanical, technical process instead of a chance for our soul to refresh itself – he explains how we have lost the sacredness of sleep.

He further goes on to explain how many of the principles of yoga cross over to be the same principles we need to honor in order to get good, meaningful sleep.

By taking these principles and applying them to sleep, we are able to take back the sacredness, the spiritual aspect of sleep and adjust the way we view not only sleep, but night as well.

We are given both a scientific and a spiritual breakdown of what sleep is. While the scientific view is similar to what is generally taught in psychology classes, the sacred, spiritual view is quite different and just hearing this view is going to be a huge step for most people.

While the scientific view of sleep is often defined by what sleep is NOT – it’s not awake, and we often see sleep as a time of nothing, the sacred view of sleep is seen as the presence of peace and serenity.

Dr. Naiman also goes into deep details of different sleep problems, and then tells you how to start working around these areas.

While disc (session 1) focus on what sleep is and problems with sleeplessness, the second disc (session 2) is the application of the information and shows us how we can use “the yoga of sleep” to get the much needed sleep our bodies, minds, and spirits need.

Each of these sessions goes into a lot of depth and detail on what changes to make, and how to go about making those changes.

On the second disc, Dr. Naiman literall walks you through different practices and routines to help your body learn to make the transition from day time waking life to night time sleeping life.

I find it beneficial to have this information on CD instead of in book format partly because it is so relaxing to listen to. One of the discussions Dr.Naiman has, is that we are on information overload. When reading a book on what to do, we are going to have to remember, to be more focused on what we are doing rather than just doing it. The fact that we can just listen to the instructions and not have to worry about memorizing them or wondering if we are getting everything right, helps eliminate some of this information overload. The CD creates a quiet, peaceful way to learn the spiritual, sacred way of sleeping versus the technical, mechanical version.

I really enjoyed this CD set, and as a lifetime insomniac, have already started making some of these changes and have found these changes to be beneficial.

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