Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: The Lotus Room CD by David Gordon.

The Lotus Room CD by David Gordon. Sequoia Records. www.sequoiarecords.com 2010


Sequoia Records never disappoints. Truly this is the best company I have found for versatile CDs and their catalog is simply loaded with great music

This CD from David Gordon is a collection of songs to relax and unwind the listener, yet these songs can be put to plenty of other uses as well. I have yet to find a CD by either of the Gordons that isn’t great for sitting and relaxing in the hot tub, yet of course this is so much more. Great ambiance background (or foreground!) music for a dinner party, night out on the deck or patio, or even yoga, it energizes while it relaxes replacing negative energy with clean, pure, positive energy. This CD is revitalizing and recharging. Perfect for exercise or to help you rejuvenate after a long day on the job.

Tracks on this CD include:
1) Hi-Fi Rendezvous
2) Buddha Nova
3) Floating
4) Mangoville
5) Forever in a Smile
6) A Night in Martinique
7) Alice under Skies
8) Bodhisattvas
9) Out in the Morning
10) Rain in the Sun
11) Whole of the Moon

. Sequoia Records is great at providing soundtracks for real life.

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