Monday, February 21, 2011

Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness CD by David and Steve Gordon

Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness CD by David and Steve Gordon. Sequoia Records. 2010.

This exquisite CD from David and Steve Gordon, is perfect for your meditation or even yoga practice. These soothing and refreshing songs will take you on a musical journey as you allow yourself to be swept away in their embrace.

With the different varying lengths, you can chose shorter songs for shorter meditations or simply allow the CD to play to participate in one longer meditation.

This CD is also great for helping you unwind and relax at night to get you into the proper mind set for a good night’s sleep.

I particularly like Bridge of Breath with its occasional wind chimes and really look forward to a warm and dry spring day (hopefully really soon!) where I can use this song in an outdoors meditation.

Tracks on this CD include:

1. Bridge of Breath 14:36
2. Entering the Now 13:47
3. Wave on the Ocean of Mind 6:59
4. Flowering of Consciousness 14:10
5 River to the Sea 7:32
6. The Limitless Way 14:16

I believe these songs would also bring an interesting aspect to any ritual if played as background music – most effectively with an outdoor late night full moon ritual.

Versatile and graceful, you are sure to find many different uses for this CD.

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