Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Cassandra Eason’s Chronicles of Magick: Love Magick

Cassandra Eason’s Chronicles of Magick: Love Magick. Paradise Music, Ltd. 2009

This is the first of seven CDs from white witch Cassandra Eason – author of more than 80 books on magic and paganism.

In each of the CDs, Eason walks you through each topic step-by-step so you can listen along as you perform the ritual and spells she sets out for you. This is a bit easier than trying to read a spell or ritual as you perform it, so the CD idea is pretty interesting. Though I’m sure some people will be more apt to write the spells out and perform them from a written work instead.

The tracks on this CD include:

1. What is love magick?
2. The tools of love magick
3. Basic love spells with flowers
4. A moon love spell
5. Seeing your future lover in the mirror
6. Knot magick for making love grow
7. Spells for commitment and marriage
8. Spells for fidelity and enduring love in existing relationships
9. Two spells to rekindle or restore passion
10. When things go wrong, reconciliation in love
11. Bringing and keeping lasting love in your life
12. Love is for all of us

I particularly liked track 2, and the enclosed linear notes do include more information to help you along.

I would have like to see more history given in track one, and for each of the spells given as well. I’m not sure which are spells that Eason wrote herself, or if some of them were passed down to her.

Tracks 3 – 11 are all different spells given for the listed topic. Some are short and don’t require much preparation, while others are more elaborate so there is a good variety here.

Track 12, Eason gives a bit of a pep talk on finding love – in other words, she lets you know the work you need to do in the mundane world in order to back up the spells to help you find love. Basically, she states that once you stop looking for love is when you will most likely find it.

The CD includes beautiful background music to accompany the spoken words, and it also helps to create a magical feeling while listening to the CD.

The other CDs in this collection include:
Defensive Magick
Moon Magick
Candle Magick
Prosperity Magick
Healing Magick
Workplace Magick

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