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Elemental CD by Kellianna. 2010

Elemental CD by Kellianna. 2010

The much anticipated new CD from Kellianna is out and sure to be a huge hit in the Pagan community.

This CD is so versatile – the songs are great just to listen to, but so many of them can be used in your actual rituals adding a new dimension to your practice.

1. Direction Song (by Terri Rivera)
This song can be used to call direction, and deities. This would be incredible to see being used at a large community ritual. Easy to sing along with, or someone could actually act out the words as they travel around a sacred circle.

2. There is No Time (by Veronica Appolonia)
This song could also be used to create a sacred circle. A beautiful chant that is sung in a round, so it’s really a circle within a song about a circle. Easy to learn. I have plans to use this one at a full moon ritual around a bonfire this summer. With the round going, this one shows the true beauty of Kellianna’s voice. This is definitely one of my favorites.

3. She is Crone (by Kellianna)
My group used this song at our last Samhain festival. Our entire ritual was spread out throughout our acreage where tributes to deceased love ones took place at our bonfire and then we traveled through the grove to our sacred space ritual area. This song accompanied us on our way. While at the bonfire, it was a time of reflection and communion with those who had gone from this world before us, so needless to say, it was also quite emotionally heavy. The beat to this song is uplifting and transformed us as we danced along from one part of the festival to the next, recharging us as we went.

4. Pele (by Kellianna)
Though I personally don’t work with Pele, this song is quite awesome. Very upbeat and it will get you moving. One of the lines in this song is I’m taking action to waken the fire within”. This is a perfect song to add into any spell or ritual that is about achieving or gaining something.

5. Sacred Stones of Stonehenge (by Shawna Carol)
This song slows it back down again, but also would be a great song to use in ritual, especially any ritual dealing with ancestors. A beautiful song with a beautiful message.

6. Brighid’s Flame (by Kellianna)
This song is also one of my favorites, kind of gives me a chill when listening to it. I look forward to incorporating this into our upcoming Imbolg ritual. This is a true celebration of Brighid and all that she is.

7. Full Height of Our Power (by Shawna Carol)
This song again speeds things up a bit with some fun drumming. Easy to sing along or drum with. This song has several different possibilities for ritual/spell use. With the “full height of our power” lines, it’s appropriate to be used in conjunction with the sun or moon being at its full height of our power – which means it could be used at solstices or full moons. There is also a line “We have the power to transform the earth”. This would be great in healing rituals for events such as Katrina and the Gulf oil spill. Granted it would be nice if things like that never happened again, but we all know better. The next time one of these catastrophes happen, keep this song in mind as a delightful way to build energy for a devastating situation.

8. Gaia Loves (by Kellianna)
Kellianna slows it back down for us with this moving, swaying song. Any ritual designed to honor or draw down Gaia would be perfect with this song added in as it creates a somber, loving atmosphere.

9. Fire Transform Me (Alisa Starkweather)
This song, with its pounding drum, makes me want to go build a bonfire right now (and it’s January with about 10 inches of snow on the ground!) and dance around it. This song is the perfect accompaniment to any fire festival.

10. The Horned God (by Kellianna)
This celebration of the Horned God and Beltaine can be used as pure entertainment, in your Beltaine ritual, for dancing the maypole or for dancing around your Beltaine bonfire.

11. Ebb and Flow (Shawna Carol)
Singing of the different ebbs and flows in nature, this song is perfect for moon, menarche or croning rituals.

12. The Maid and the Dragon (by Kellianna) With the Dragon Ritual Drummers, this song is sexy and seductive, making it a nice choice for Beltaine or a handfasting – especially with its message of love, it’s almost a singing of vows.

13. Elemental (by Kellianna) This song brings us full circle back to calling the elements and directions as the first song did, however the tone of this song makes it perfect for dismissing the elements instead. Like the first song, I would love to see a large community ritual using this song in there closing, though of course you can use it in your own private ritual just as well, I feel it would be quite an impressive sight and experience to be used with a large group.

A CD that is just plain great to listen to is always a nice treat, but when it is one that you can use in many different ways while adding to your own spirituality, and possibly sharing it with others – well that makes this CD an important aspect of Pagan practices today.

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