Monday, June 28, 2010

Just some of those little things

Ok so I haven't been here for a while. Just want to post some of those little things that bother me so I can get them off of chest and move on.

For starters, if you post a bunch of political garbage in your status that proves you are a RWNJ and people call you on it and you say, "Hey if you don't like my politics unfriend me" - then please keep your yap shut and don't complain when people unfriend you en masse. Not everyone wants to hear your hate speech against the President that amounts to nothing more than either 1) you are truly nothing more than a bigot or 2) you watch nothing but Fox news. Either way -- just shut the hell up.

Secondly, say your god daughter just graduated high school and her father and step mother are throwing a party for her. Her REAL mother and her family are all coming to the party at her father and step mother's house. Well almost all of her family, because you, the god mother, who is also her aunt isn't going to go, neither is your husband - her uncle - because YOU have "A problem" with her step mother.

Where do I even start with this? Let's start with the whole "GOD" thing. So as a god mother - you are responsible for helping with the upbringing of your god child particularly in the area of spiritual matters.

What kind of message does it send when someone refuses to go to a graduation party because you don't like someone who will be there? Well it sends the following messages:

1) Pettiness is OK
2) The role of a god parent is to be played out only when it's convenient for the god parent
3) The role of aunt is only to be played out when it's convenient for the aunt.
4) obviously you think far too highly of yourself and can't manage to get off of your high horse long enough to be respectful to your own niece.

Not exactly what a parent of any sort should be teaching is it?

That is just truly sad.

And to try to put the blame off onto someone else? As in because that person will be there, I won't be...uhhhh no. It's not the other person's fault. It's your own. YOU are the one making the choice. So instead of saying, "I'm not coming because I have a problem with so and so" why not speak the truth? How about "I'm not coming because I'm to immature to put aside my own feelings so that I can support my niece"? That would, after all, be far more accurate. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN ACTIONS people. Blaming other people for your choices? Well it's immature, and ignorant. It really doesn't put you in the "holier than thou" light you think it does. It does however make you look like a complete ass.