Friday, April 23, 2010


Why aren’t people more honest? What is the point of lying? Seems to me that people often lie because they afraid to face up to who THEY really are.

Q. Did you _______? (fill in the blank)

Lie: Of course not, I would never ______

Obviously someone doesn’t want you to know that yes, indeed, they are exactly the kind of person who would _________.

As if lying about it makes it untrue.

Some lies are easy to see through, others, well sometimes when we learn the truth we are just completely floored.

How about this one?

Q. Do you want to ________? (Again fill in the blank yourself)

Lie: Sorry I have plans.

Maybe that is easier than the truth. Maybe that’s easier than saying, “No, I really don’t feel like it/like you/want to spend anytime with you whatsoever, you creep me out and I wish you would just go away.

Sometimes lies are told to make other people feel good.

Q. Am I fat?

Lie: Of course not, you look great.

But in the long run, does this lie help anyway? What if the person believes you and ends up dying from an obesity related problem?

How about instead of the lie, try the truth?

“Unfortunately, yes, you are fat. Please work on losing weight and getting healthier so you’re around for a long time. I’d miss you if you were gone, and maybe we can do some working out together.”

Which one sounds like the person cares more?

Sometimes the truth may hurt, but it seems to me in the end, the lie always hurts more.

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