Monday, April 19, 2010

Fragrances from Dunraven House

Dunraven House

We received so many great products from Morwyn of Dunraven House that we’ve had to break them up into several different reviews.

Earlier we brought you reviews of two of her books, and this week we are reviewing a sampling of her fragrances – these ones in the form of bath salts.

Most of the fragrances from Dunraven House are available as perfumes, bath salts, massage oils and incenses, which means you can combine different forms for a complete magical experience.

The fragrances we are reviewing are: Meditation, Angel Fire, Green Goddess, and Sixth Sense. (Quoted portions are from Dunraven’s descriptions of these products.)

Meditation: “A mellow blend that facilitates the contemplative state and helps your mind focus on Spirit”. This a deeply enticing rich scent that helps you to relax and concentrate on the task at hand.

Angel Fire: “For those who have heeded the sacred call and wish to devote their lives to the path of magickal self-development. Angel Fire draws the fiery spiritual power of the Angelic realms”. Innocent and spicy at the same time, relaxes while it empowers.

Green Goddess: “A tribute to the shimmering lady of field, forest, wood, and meadow. It invokes her all-encompassing love & compassion.” Earthy, with a bit of dew. A walk in the woods with the leaves over head and ferns at your feet after a brief summer rain.

Sixth Sense: “Specific to psychic self-development, clairvoyance, and spirit communication.” I KNOW you are going to love this! A must for any medium or channeler. Use before tarot readings, pendulum sessions or any other divination tasks.

Dunraven House has been in business since 1979. All items are handcrafted by Morwyn herself.

Stop on by this site and pick up a sampling of products for yourself – the small ounce size is just $2.00.

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