Monday, April 26, 2010

Sacred Space

I walk barefoot through dew covered grass. The long wet blades curve around my foot, tickling the tops of my feet.

The dew is cold and yet it feels so refreshing on my tired aching feet.

The path winds in and out of trees. Leaves rustle overhead, dripping drops of dew like a gentle summer rain.

I feel cleansed, renewed.

The ground around me is splattered with splurts of color – dainty flowers poke through the green grass in hues of blue, purple, and yellow. They decorate the ground like confetti tossed about.

The trees too are full of life, but in animal form. Birds hop about as I move closer to them.

The squirrel runs to the opposite side of the tree trunk hoping I won’t see him. A chipmunk climbs a stump and curiously watches to see if I’ll leave a treat for him, which of course I do.

A small toad climbs on a tree trunk, not sure where he should go, so he just stays where he is for now.

The path looks as if it comes to end. It stops in front of a wall of foliage. Branches and leaves from both sides forming a protective barrier.

But looking down, it’s clear that the path should go on. I slowly pull each branch back sending a spray of dew drops all over my feet and bare legs. I step further through the maze. Pull back another branch, take another step.

Another branch.

Another step.

Another branch.

Another step.

I emerge into the opening and there I find it, my sacred space.

My home.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Why aren’t people more honest? What is the point of lying? Seems to me that people often lie because they afraid to face up to who THEY really are.

Q. Did you _______? (fill in the blank)

Lie: Of course not, I would never ______

Obviously someone doesn’t want you to know that yes, indeed, they are exactly the kind of person who would _________.

As if lying about it makes it untrue.

Some lies are easy to see through, others, well sometimes when we learn the truth we are just completely floored.

How about this one?

Q. Do you want to ________? (Again fill in the blank yourself)

Lie: Sorry I have plans.

Maybe that is easier than the truth. Maybe that’s easier than saying, “No, I really don’t feel like it/like you/want to spend anytime with you whatsoever, you creep me out and I wish you would just go away.

Sometimes lies are told to make other people feel good.

Q. Am I fat?

Lie: Of course not, you look great.

But in the long run, does this lie help anyway? What if the person believes you and ends up dying from an obesity related problem?

How about instead of the lie, try the truth?

“Unfortunately, yes, you are fat. Please work on losing weight and getting healthier so you’re around for a long time. I’d miss you if you were gone, and maybe we can do some working out together.”

Which one sounds like the person cares more?

Sometimes the truth may hurt, but it seems to me in the end, the lie always hurts more.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am determined.

I am determined to get certain things accomplished in my life.

I am determined to find a decent job that will have a regular paycheck.

I am determined to write at least a dozen books in my lifetime.

I am determined to spend a month in Ireland.

And another in England.

And a third in Scotland.

I am determined to read and learn about as much as I can about the topics that interest me.

I am determined to spend time with my friends and let them know how much they mean to me.

I am determined to raise my children to be good people.

I am determined to do my part to help the environment and work on other causes I believe in.

I am determined to save my home from the evils of Bank of America.

I am determined to live a life that I will be proud to have lived when it comes to an end.

I am determined.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Patience is not one of my virtues.

I’ve never been very good about being patient, and I’m sure it was probably a problem I had in past lives too.

It’s not that I want instant gratification – it isn’t that at all.

No, in fact, I truly believe that anything worth having is worth waiting for.

I think it comes more from me expecting other people to act the way I do, or at least the way I feel is “right”.

For example, over a month ago, I sent out 2 emails to 2 different people requesting information from them. Still no answer, and at this point I doubt I ever will get an answer, and I’ve managed to find the information elsewhere. But still, I never heard back from either person. Not even an “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

It’s not even so much the rudeness of not answering – though that is a whole different can of worms – the question was a simple, yes or no question I needed answered for professional reasons. But even though I did get an answer elsewhere, those first few days of waiting was torture.

When I send in proposals or manuscripts – more torture while waiting to hear something, anything.

Applying for jobs – same thing. Torture while waiting to hear something, anything.

Lately my life has been about waiting, always waiting for something.

I can only hope that with all the waiting I’m doing lately, maybe I’ll get a little bit better at being patient.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fragrances from Dunraven House

Dunraven House

We received so many great products from Morwyn of Dunraven House that we’ve had to break them up into several different reviews.

Earlier we brought you reviews of two of her books, and this week we are reviewing a sampling of her fragrances – these ones in the form of bath salts.

Most of the fragrances from Dunraven House are available as perfumes, bath salts, massage oils and incenses, which means you can combine different forms for a complete magical experience.

The fragrances we are reviewing are: Meditation, Angel Fire, Green Goddess, and Sixth Sense. (Quoted portions are from Dunraven’s descriptions of these products.)

Meditation: “A mellow blend that facilitates the contemplative state and helps your mind focus on Spirit”. This a deeply enticing rich scent that helps you to relax and concentrate on the task at hand.

Angel Fire: “For those who have heeded the sacred call and wish to devote their lives to the path of magickal self-development. Angel Fire draws the fiery spiritual power of the Angelic realms”. Innocent and spicy at the same time, relaxes while it empowers.

Green Goddess: “A tribute to the shimmering lady of field, forest, wood, and meadow. It invokes her all-encompassing love & compassion.” Earthy, with a bit of dew. A walk in the woods with the leaves over head and ferns at your feet after a brief summer rain.

Sixth Sense: “Specific to psychic self-development, clairvoyance, and spirit communication.” I KNOW you are going to love this! A must for any medium or channeler. Use before tarot readings, pendulum sessions or any other divination tasks.

Dunraven House has been in business since 1979. All items are handcrafted by Morwyn herself.

Stop on by this site and pick up a sampling of products for yourself – the small ounce size is just $2.00.

Review info

As the Editor of The Pagan Review, I do lots and lots and lots of product reviews so I've decided I'm going to include those on my blog here too. They are something I write and so they may as well get added in here too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Seriously now

I really am going to start writing on this more. I promise.

Looking forward to some new adventures on the horizon.

Hoping to hear from Llewellyn about a project soon...

And just to take on something else, I'm going to be the Chicago Pagan Examiner at Page isn't up yet, but will let everyone know when it is. And I will expect to hear all about the events everyone has planned.

IF the future is what we make it, then I think it's time for me to get working on mine.