Monday, October 26, 2009

Wouldn't it be nice.....??

Today I want to write about something that really has nothing to do with writing.

It has to do with how people treat one another on this planet we call home. Or maybe it’s about the way they don’t treat each other.

Sometimes I’m just downright shocked at the lack of respect I see coming out of people.

For example, perhaps you believe in raising your children with absolutely no rules or consequences. They have free reign. They can talk how they want, when they want to whom they want at any time. This may mean swearing, or lewd, crude and vulgar jokes, and it doesn’t matter who’s in earshot – young children or adults alike, they are never ever told it’s not appropriate.

In other words, they are basically taught no respect - not only for those around them, they are also taught no respect for themselves.

Then to make it even better, these same parents often tell people (including their kids) that those parents who expect their kids to listen, to be polite, to be respectful of others, are actually the parents who are in the wrong.

Why are they wrong? Oh well because they aren’t allowing their children the freedom to express themselves. Parents who correct their kids are controlling. Stifling.

Is this a load of crap or what?

I have to wonder about the people out there who have no desire to actually raise their children, why on earth did they become a parent in the first place?

Do they not realize that giving children guidance and nurturing in their formative years is what helps them to become responsible, mature adults who are able to go out into the world and make a difference – one for the good that is!

What happens to the child who thinks jokes about pedophiles are funny when he grows up? Does he contribute to society in a positive manner? Or is his ethical sense of right and wrong so warped, he goes from telling and laughing at pedophile jokes to becoming one himself?

And what can be done about it? Virtually nothing. You can’t call children’s services on them – well you can but it wouldn’t matter. Unless the child’s physical health is at harm they don’t care. Mental health? Who cares about that? Who cares if people are raising another generation of sociopaths? No one.

But you can.

When you hear one of these parents justifying themselves – as they always do, and usually in the same way – saying “Oh I was raised the same way and look at me – I turned out fine”, let them know the truth.

“No. No, you didn’t turn out fine.”

Someone who was “fine”, wouldn’t be raising their kids in that way to begin with. They wouldn’t be teaching their child to have no manners, no conscience, no self respect.

They would know where their kids are, know that they are safe – not go to bed and wake up the next day to discover their child never came home the night before.

They would teach them to have respect for themselves, for other people and for the world around them.

It may not help much, not at first, but maybe, just maybe eventually if enough people start saying something, start complaining, start saying enough is enough, people will start to get it, will start to understand, will realize what they are doing to their own children and start to change.

Monday, October 19, 2009

In the beginning...

I'm finally getting around to getting my webpage and blog set up. It's been a long time coming and it's about time I got myself moving on it!

I hope to update this weekly, so hopefully I can manage to stick to that!

I recently turned in a new manuscript to my agent and waiting to hear back on that. It's different from anything I've done before - a full length novel about second chances. So now it's just about waiting to see what happens.

I have several more ideas and just getting started on one of those so I still have a long way to go on that one!

Thanks for stopping by!